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Anyone else getting these? My forehead looks like it belongs on a teenager. Ugh. And they are painful ones, right up by the hairline. I know its hormones, and I think I remember getting some breakouts when I was pg with Jack, but they weren't painful!! Sad :(

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:confused: Yuck. Poor you.

I've had a few pop up here and there, but nothing too painful. I hate that part of pregnancy! I normally have really great skin, so these darn zits popping up make me angry!

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I am quite surprised that I have not broken out...I usually do. But I do find I have more moles. The joys of PG Smile

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I've gotten a few occasional ones. I'm a bit lucky this time around.

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I was taking antibiotics that messed with my BCP for my skin when I got pregnant (it wasn't working). Now that I'm pregnant, my skin has cleared right up. Weird.

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I gots a nasty zitty poppin up on my nose - gross! This sucker is painful!
Sad Darn you hormones.