*TMI* CM question

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*TMI* CM question

For the past 2 weeks or so I have noticed a little bit of mucousy cm just when I wipe, maybe once every few days. It's a small amount and not colored-but it resembles the mucus plug. Does this sound normal? I know the plug can regenerate throughout pregnancy...do you think it's my plug? Sorry for the TMI!

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I would doubt it's the plug. Maybe just a bit thicker discharge. now, I'm not basing my opinion off of any evidence but I'm thinking that it wouldn't start to come out this early.

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I wouldn't think it would come out this early either. In fact, I wasn't even sure there would be one in place yet. But this is like gelatiny and thick. Totally unlike normal leukorrhea. So I'm wondering if it's something to be concerned about.

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During pregnancy your CM does change. I have found this time I have way more then I remember till the end of my last 3. I also find that its worse when its warm out (its been close to 80 here yesterday and today). Also, if you are having sex, it also increases. From the sounds of it, it sounds completely normal. I would only worry if it has a strong odor, is bloody, or if you start having other signs of infection.

Just one of the many joys of pregnancy Wink

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Yep, sounds like normal pregnancy stuff to me... Pregnancy is GROSS.

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Ive been getting that too! I was wondering the exact same thing!