13 Week Appt!

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13 Week Appt!

It was a nice short, boring appt. Just the way I like them. :mrgreen: I was seriously in and out within 30 minutes!
Heard the baby on the doppler right away. HB was in the 150s. I'm down a couple of pounds (result of my stomach virus 2 weeks ago). Last pregnancy the practice I was with kept telling me I had hypertension (not just pregnancy hypertension, but actual hypertension). Well, my BP this time was completely normal and not high at all (wasn't high last appt either!). My last practice did't believe in white coat hypertension (I've had some bad medical experiences in the past), so I'm glad that I'm seeing mostly midwives this time and I'm completely comfortable with them - as seen by my miraculous recovery from hypertension. :roll: Even the midwife I saw had a good laugh.
Next appt is at 18 weeks. I'll see an OB that appt since it will also be my anatomy scan!!! Yahoo And the midwife says I should just plan to stay longer and talk to him about my VBAC risks so that I never have to see an OB again for the rest of my pregnancy. WOO HOO! The midwife and I decided together to have me go 5 weeks between appts this time since I'm driving an hour just to get there. Kinda dumb to drive an hour in 4 weeks and then just turn around and do it again 1-2 weeks later just for an ultrasound.
I love the practice I'm in this time! So glad we moved here. They had 3 VBACs just in April! I feel like I have a great fighting chance for what I want. Totally worth the drive! Biggrin

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YAY sounds like a good appt Smile

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Sounds like a wonderful appt!! So glad things went so well!! Their VBAC successes make it very hopeful that you can do the same!!

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Woohoo! Sounds awesome!

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Sounds like you are in good hands! Glad you appt went well!!

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That old practice of yours sounds really messed up. Seriously, no such thing as white coat hypertension? There's an obvious and significant difference in my usual BP in a regular doctor's office and my BP at an OB's office - especially right before a 1st trimester u/s. When I was pregnant with Pearl, I used to break out in cold sweats and have heart palpitations during appointments until I heard her heartbeat.

Anyway, it sounds like this place is amazing! Biggrin So happy for you!

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Thats awesome! So glad you had an amazing appt!

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I totally get white coat hypertension too. I had high bp at almost every appt during my first pregnancy. I was kind of freaked out at every visit...like, what are they going to do to me? lol I'm much more relaxed now, plus I have some experience and some years on me. Wink Anyway, sounds like a great appt and a great set up for you!

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oh that is GREAT about the no hypertension!!! Smile