17 week appointment

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17 week appointment

I had my 17 week check up today. Everything looked good and the heartbeat sounded like music to my ears of course! Anatomy scan is still scheduled for July 18. I am probably like the last person on this board to find have it since my due date is 12/5. I wished I could just have an u/s today. I am so impatient. I really don't care that much if it's a boy or a girl. (I am leaning towards girl simply because I already have a boy, but I will truly be happy with either one.) I just want to know that everything looks okay in there and baby is developing properly. On a very exciting note, when I was leaving the Dr's office and driving to work, I felt some serious baby pokes & kicks from my little one. They were the first really strong ones I have felt so far. So sweet! Smile

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Waiting is hard, but it will go quick Smile YAY for baby kicks Smile

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i hope it goes quick for you, i'm counting down the days until my sonogram to find out what the baby is!
glad your appointment today went great Smile YAY for baby kicks! I can't wait to feel mine more.