1st Appointment & U/S pic!!

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1st Appointment & U/S pic!!

I was so super nervous, I had my first appointment today and showed up 30 mins early (hoping to get in early). I didn't get called back until 10 mins after my scheduled appointment time and I sat in the U/S room for 20 mins... and by this time my nerves had me on the verge of throwing up! Finally the doctor I'm seeing came in and says "Yay way to go you didn't need our help very long at all" Smile "and your EDD is my birthday!" (brownie points for my bean)

When she started the U/S she was super quiet so I thought for sure immediately something was wrong and all my paranoia over the last few weeks was warranted. But after a min or two she got a good view and there it was, flickering away. Biggrin There is only one in there, at least only one we can see for now, and everything looks great! I'm so much more excited now. I even got to hear the heartbeat, but she didn't give me a number (and I was too relieved that there was something there to even ask.)

My joy was kind of bittersweet though, when I got out of my appointment I had a voice mail from my mom saying she was going to the ER. After I talked to my dad he told me they suspect she is having a heart attack. So I spent 4 hours going to pick him up from work to take him to the ER where she was. DH kind of surprised me, and made me feel so much better, because he actually went to the ER and sat with her this whole time so she wasn't alone. DH hates my mom, I seriously cried more over that than the thought of her having a heart attack. I haven't gotten an update about her condition yet, but I hope it turns out well. Sad

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Love it!!!

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YAY for a great appointment!!! Sorry about your mom! I hope that she recovers well and has good news for you!

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yay for a healthy babe Smile sorry to hear about your mom. Praying that everything is ok

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Sounds like a great appointment!

Soooo sorry to hear about your mom though. :grouphug:

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Yay for seeing the heartbeat! I know what a relief it is. I'm so sorry about you mom though. I'm glad you DH was able to put his feelings aside and be there for her. Maybe this will help their relationship. Praying she recovers quickly!

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Hooray for a good appointment and I hope all is well with you're mom. KUP!