1st checkup

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1st checkup

Hi ladies! Happy November!

Yesterday was Cristiano's 1st check up at 7 days old. His appt had been cancelled all week due to his pedo being out ill. When he was born he weighed 7lbs 4oz, then when we were discharged he weighed 6lbs 14 oz. Well yesterday he was 7lbs 5 oz and the doc thinks that is awesome! He is only breast fed but I am making so much I am also pumping and freezing for when I have to return to work. The doc thought he may be a little jaundiced but we didn't think so and well we had to go downstairs to the lab for the heel prick which was soo hard because the last time he had it done they said he doesn't bleed much so they have to stick him several times. I told the lab kid yesterday about that so he tried to avoid sticking him again. but squeezed the heck out of his foot he was screaming! And like I thought, lab results were normal, not even a smidgen of jaundice. :angry1: But he is doing ok now.

Halloween was fun, I handed out candy. DH took kids out trick our treating. It was nice but wish I could have gone with them.

Yesterday was my actual due date. So weird! And sad knowing this is our last. plus the dr's told me with how much damage I have from the surgeries, I cannot have anymore ( csections). So just trying to simmer in these moments as long as possible.

Anxiously awaiting everyones babies!

Here are a couple pics of Halloween:

And I call this one the "no more pictures mom you are giving me a headache!"

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hooray for good weight and no jaundice! poor baby though with the pricking and squeezing!!!!!

i love the pictures and the halloween costumes, TOO CUTE!!!

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Yay for being back up past birth weight. Dang drs for demanding pokes Sad Such cute pictures Smile

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Yay for the weight gain and as always stick to your mama instincts. They were totally spot on of course!

Love the pictures!!!

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Such cute pictures. That last one is adorable!

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That is awesome that he is back up at his birth weight already and doesn't have any jaundice either! Such cute pictures!!