1st Photo Outfits

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1st Photo Outfits

I don't know why, but it's been hard for me to decide what baby is going to wear for her first photos in the hospital. A photographer comes around and takes pics of the newborns. I made her a light pink flower headband that I think I want her to wear, so her outfit needs to be light pink, white, or both. Does anyone have a special outfit chosen for their baby? Include pics if you can!

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The ones they take at the hospital here are like $400 which is ridiculous IMO . His first photos will be at Sears and he will probably be naked. UNLESS his 0-3 month clothes is what fits, then he will be in this outfit.

Cute Little Rascal Bundle | Baby Baby Boy

I loooooooooooove this raccoon collection...

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$400 is outrageous! I LOVE the raccoon sweater! If we were doing "real" professional portraits, I'd have some naked ones too. Love little nakey newborn photos. Smile

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I'm not a very sentimental mother, and so things like the "going home" outfit or the first photo shoot outfit just aren't important to me. My DH is a very talented amateur photographer, so we certainly won't be paying for hospital shots. Wink The clothes I'm bringing to the hospital are just hand-me-downs from DD (we had a bunch of gender neutral clothes with her) and from my nephew. The cutest one is this one, so it's probably the one we'll get pictures in.

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Soooooo my son is about to be 2 and has never had a single professional picture. At least I set low expectations for future kids. Lol DS's hospital didn't do pictures and I don't think this hospital does either. Zoe will probably come home in pink wool longies and one of 2 shirts I've packed (depends on weather). I will attempt to make her look halfway cute because I know I'll take pics that day to share on FB. lol

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Jackie, if it makes you feel any better Kostas is almost 5.5 y/o and has never had a professional photo session. LOL

I don't have any specific plans. I did Kostas's announcement pictures myself and they turned out really well and we have a much nicer camera now so I am sure we will do them ourselves again. Smile