2 ups / 2 downs (stolen from Sept board)

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2 ups / 2 downs (stolen from Sept board)

1. Tomorrow is Friday, and after DH gets home I am heading up to my sister's to work on setting up for the G.Sale we are having at her place next week.
2. DD peed on the potty for the first time tonight Smile I'm not going to push potty training till after Wee Dude gets here and we get settled into a routine with (gulp) 4 kids lol. But, the fact that she did it, is amazing to me. The boys didnt potty train till after they were 2, and DS1 just stopped using pull ups at night

1. I think Wee dude may be trying to break my ribs. His foot is constantly up under my ribs, and every now and then I get a really sharp pain in one of my ribs in the back... and its pretty tender in that spot.
2. Heart burn city... no matter what I eat or drink. And, with this placenta brain, I keep forgetting to take my Renid before bed.

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1. I'm feeling stronger kicks, so I'm spending less time worried that something is wrong.
2. DH is taking DD out and about today, so I get a day off. Smile

1. Just when I got into the mood to work on a quilt, the bobbin casing broke and my machine is inoperable until I get a replacement. And today was going to be such a good day to work on it. Sad
2. I stayed up to watch the Olympics last night and didn't get to sleep until after one. I woke up at 6am, and haven't been able to sleep since. I'm thinking today will be a tea/coffee day (and I have those oh so very rarely).

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1. My son asked to BF yesterday - first time in 2 weeks! I'm now planning to attend our local Big Latch On later this morning. Biggrin
2. Even though I'm dreading the 12-14 hour car ride, I'm super excited to be going home for a long weekend next week with my SIL (she lives an hour from me, so we're dragging our kids to see the grandparents).

1. This child will not go head down!!! In fact she's breech and has crammed as much of herself as possible into the bottom of my uterus. I hate that she's ignoring half of her playground and that I have soooo much pressure and pain down low. I'm WAAAAAY more uncomfortable now than I was with my son.
2. My son is climbing everything now. Just 5 minutes ago I had to get him down off the kitchen counters as he was walking across them. My sanity may not survive much longer as there is just no way to childproof all of these things. Blum 3

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1. I feel baby kicking every day and a lot now! I love it
2. I go away on vacation with DH in 2 weeks, and I can't wait...

1. I feel really BLAH, tired, and sad this week, i've been over emotional and just want the summer to be over already.
2. as much as i want the summer to end once September comes my sister has to go back to work as a teacher after being on maternity leave & having summer break, so i will no longer have her and my adorable baby niece to spend the days with - and i'm afraid i'll become even MORE BLAH because i'll be alone all day every day.

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Feeling super strong kicks and loving it. He's active and awake and thats a good thing.
Going away for the weekend and hitting the outlets with my mom

Just exhausted. Having the hardest time getting comfortable at night and as soon as I do I have to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, have a really weird dream, or have a foot cramp.
Feel like I can't get on top of things right now. I'd like to get my house more under control, finish unpacking and get the shelves and closet systems up and running and paint before his arrival.

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Ups: My IL's just invited us to go away with them over Labor Day Weekend. They are renting a house in Maine and we'll stay with them for three or four days. We had cancelled all of our vacations this summer after finding out we were pregnant so that I can use my vacation time to stay out longer on maternity leave. So at least we'll get a little family vacation in before the baby arrives.

I just ordered the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play from Amazon. I had been looking at a specific one that was around $72 dollars and I went on the other night and it was only $54 so I snapped it right up. My MIL has been buying me cases of diapers (in all sizes) so I just have to get things washed up and organized and we'll be ready.

Downs: My work is switching to Bi-weekly pay weeks in October. My DH already get's paid bi-weekly. I just found out today that our pay weeks we'll be exactly the same. It's going to be a hard switch over. I was hoping we would be paid on opposite weeks, it would just make it easier with scheduling bill payments, but oh well.

My DH, SIL, and her friend are all taking the kids hiking tomorrow. My kids have gone on small trail hikes, but nothing like this. I'm just a little nervous. More for DD because I don't think she'll make it and I don't want DH to push her too hard. Thank goodness my SIL is going because she'll be more observant about the kids. I have to work all weekend, which stinks.

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1-Sam is doing pretty good as of yesterday
2-Went to the NICU to see Sam and got to touch him for the first time, may get to do Kangaroo care with him next time we go if he is stable

1-First week fo my leave (which is a good thing) but bittersweet at the same time as I won't get really any time with him being his NICU stay will be more then my leave

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1- Had a doc appt today, did the glucose and the RH shot- the RH didnt even hurt at all phew!! AND my doc said she could induce me a week early if I was "ripe"... Im due at the very end of Oct and I just really want an Oct baby and not to be in the hosp on halloween so that was kind of a releif to hear- also the baby is still measuring ahead- yay!
2- Having a really good week at work, and we might get a huge bonus at the end of the week so Im pumped!!
1. Brody leaves tomorrow for TWO NIGHTS.. I have pretty high anxiety about it. Hes only left us for 2 nights before when we got married. So it'll be so weird.. I have anxiety about him being on the freeway/in cars w/o me... ALSO, Ill have all day thursday off work, so it'll be SOOO weird..what will i do? nap? watch tv? read a book? go to dinner? it'll be so strange to be in our house w/o Brody- havent had that in 4 years since I was preggo!
2. Starting to get really burnt out at work standing on my feet all day- IDK how much longer I can make it!!!