21 week appoint(well almost)

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21 week appoint(well almost)

So everything went well. Today was the day for the anatomy scan but since we already went to an early US place we knew what we are having but I guess I wanted to make sure they were right and it's still a boy, YAY! They said all scans look great and blood work came back negative for everything. I finally have felt him moving tons this week. I know it takes longer when you are plus sized but he is one strong kicker. My next appointment is on July 19th and that's when I have to do the glucose test...woohoo(NOT REALLY). It was funny as soon as they started they tech was like oh it's legs are crossed but maybe it will move later and literally as soon as she said that 5 seconds later he just opened his legs nice and wide and was like oh yeah check what I have going on!!!

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My boys werent shy either lol. Yay for still being a boy, and for a good scan Smile

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awwwwww! very happy for you that all of your tests and bloodwork came back negative! and how cute about him spreading just t the right moment, lol Smile