3 LBS!!

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3 LBS!!

We are at 3 lbs and 1 oz today!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! She is going to nipple feedings every other feeding now! 20 mLs every 2 hours right now is what she is getting to eat. Her blood sugars are stable as well as everything else! Only a few more weeks and she will be home! Maybe less! Come on 4 lbs!!! We are sooo close!

Edited to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Bria! Smile

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Yay!!! I love the outfit, so cute!!! Praying that she continues to gow and get strong, an is home in your arms soon Smile

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Yay!!!! :party:

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hooray bria!!!! such a strong lil fighter!!

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That's great news!!

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YAY!!! Congrats on reaching 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww, I love her pumpkin outfit and hat!

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YAY! Yahoo

What a great photo! TFS!

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Way to grow Bria!!! She looks so adorable in her Halloween get up! Smile