32 Week Checkup

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32 Week Checkup

Everything went good. Up 1lb so total of 14lbs gained. This diabetes diet can get old but it works! I talked to my doc about the fact that I've been having uncomfortable contractions lately. Nothing too regular but more than BH. I don't remember having anything at all painful with the others. She said she wasn't surprised since this is #6 and that as long as I'm not having more than 4 an hour, not to worry. She said to drink lots of water and rest if they start up. She's on vacation in 2 weeks so I'll go back in 3 and then start weekly appts. I had a mini meltdown with DH this am. I have always loved being pregnant and don't want to complain b/c I feel so blessed to have this baby but I'm just so tired of feeling tired. There's so much I want to get done but my body just won't cooperate. I got up and got dressed, did some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch. I don't want to rush this pregnancy since it's my last but sometimes I just want to fast forward the next few weeks.

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I am tired, so I can't imagine how tired you are.... you can complain just as much as anybody here if not more...this is your number 6!
I hope the next weeks go by quickly for you!! (((hugs)))

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I know what you mean! My husband took the older kids to his parents for this week so I have been using it as a final push! I put the nursery together, did some other projects, packed my hospital bag, and preregistered at the hospital. Hopefully that will free me to relax through these last few weeks!

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I am right there with you. I know this is more than likely my last, and I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can. I just am also ready to have my body back, and to be comfortable. Hang in there mama, you are getting closer Smile

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Glad to hear the GD diet is going well for you and that your Dr isn't concerned about the painful contractions. I agree, I am exhausted and this is #2. I think its understandable for #6!

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I am there as well. The closer time get's the more tired I am. I have to break each task down with a 20 min break in between just to get up the energy to keep going.

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I can't believe you are already at 32 weeks! Not much longer... Glad your appt went well. WTG on the weight gain! I hear you on being exhausted. We have been reorganizing and trying to get ready. We started cleaning out our master closet and bought a closet organization system. Our closet is stacked all over our bedroom and I just can't make myself go in there to work on it. I know I have to have it done before baby gets here because she'll be in our room. We only have 10 more weeks, but I (like you) just want to lie on the couch!

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Way to go on the weight - that is awesome! I have started to pack it on (always this way for me in the 3rd trimester, no matter what I do!)

I can only imagine how tired you must be feeling with #6. I'm tired being pregnant with #3! Also having a lot of contractions here, and they keep telling me not to worry unless they stay regular. I get them often for a time, then they slow down and I don't feel so many, and then they start up again. Seems to be that my body just wants me to rest, rest, rest. I know what you're saying about not wanting to wish it to be over, but being uncomfortable and so tired that you're looking forward to the end. I'm realizing that I need to pack my bag just in case, and start getting those things done around the house that I have been thinking of for months now! It will be here before we know it - WOW!