36 week appointments

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36 week appointments

Today I had two appointments: one with the midwife and one with the perinatologist. Both went pretty well.

My fundal height is still measuring way behind. The midwife said that I wasn't quite 30 cm, but she was going to be generous and round it up. Wink And because of the light spotting I've had over the last week, we decided to do a cervical check. I don't usually do those - I didn't have any with DD until I was 7 cm at the hospital - but we both agreed it was probably best to check since I live an hour from the hospital and since I've been having the spotting. I was just fingertip dilated, but she said she still expects this baby to come in 2-3 weeks, so between 38-39 weeks.

The ultrasound at the perinatologist's office went well, too. We've finally 'graduated' from their care. He's only 17th percentile, but that's big enough that they don't have to pretend they're worried anymore. Lol

The only other thing of note from the appointments is that my vitamin D was on the low side. Their standard for deficient is 30, and my level was 38, but the midwife said they really like to see it closer to 50. So I'm taking a bunch of vitamin D for the next few weeks. Hopefully it will help my energy levels!

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Yay for a good appt. A fingertip is still something Wink

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Sounds pretty good to me! Smile

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Sounds good to me too! Smile