36 week appt plus some Halloween pics!

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36 week appt plus some Halloween pics!

I had my 36 week appt today. It went really well. Pretty much like all my other appts just a little more going on.

I was super stressed when I showed up at my appt because my boss was being a major *itch so I was worried my BP would be high, but it turned out to be 120/66 which is totally normal for me! Woot! This is especially important because I have been having a little bit of protein in my urine for the majority of this pregnancy but she said as long as my BP stays so great that it will be nothing to worry about.

She also used the portable U/S to verify that Cricket is head down, which is definitely is! Woot! And I am measuring 34 weeks which is good that I am still within the +/- 2 week range.

Then she also did the GBS swab, which I really hope is negative because I loathe IV antibiotics...

I have one more appt on the 7th and then I fly out on the 8th to the Kenai Peninsula to wait for Cricket to come! Bring on maternity leave! I am so ready!

A shot of me, Kostas and my pup Aurora Smile

36 week belly

My skeleton shirt! It was SO much fun to wear!!

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Sounds like a pretty good appointment! Smile

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LOVE the shirt! Lol
Sounds like a good appt to me.

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Glad to hear that your appt went well!! I love your pics! That shirt is awesome!!

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yay for a great appointment and love the pics! Smile

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Adorable pictures!!! Hooray for the easy peasy appointment. Smile

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Sounds like a great appt! Very cute pics!!

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Very cute pictures. Sounds like a good appointment.