36 week check-up

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36 week check-up

I had to move my appointment up to today cause the other day I ended up in the hospital for decreased movement. He had a few dips in his HB but they said he was ok so sent me home and told me to get a sooner appointment. I saw the midwide today instead of my regular OB. I have to say I like her much better. This cough has got so out of hand that it seems to be effecting LO so she prescribed me some meds to try and help. Then they did the HB, not where it normally is but still ok. Well, when I was in the hospital on Wedneday they did an U/S and this LO is just growing like crazy. It's been a little less than a month since my last U/S...only 3 weeks I think and they said he was around 4lbs12oz, well according to the measurements he is up to 7lbs1oz already. So I have my weekly appointments now and next week she is setting me up for another U/S cause she is thinking that she wants me to deliver at 38 weeks! That's in just 2 weeks!!! And suprisingly I have only gained 1 lb this entire pregnancy. I was wearing heavy jeans today so they said I'm really at 0lb weight gain.

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i'm sorry you had to be in the hospital, but so relieved and happy for you that everything is looking good now! whoa 2 weeks and he'll be all ready to come out and meet you! please KUP on the date and how you are doing!

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Very exciting that you're nearing the end. Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you.

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YAY for things turning out ok. And good to hear that they are starting to take his growth into account a bit more. I'm guessing he will be close to, if not over, 9 lbs, by the time you are 38 weeks

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Yeah that's s scary thought but i agree. But no matter what unless there is a problem I'm having him vaginally.

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You can do this! With luck the u/s measurements for you are too high. Wink
Good luck and KUP!

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I'm so, so glad someone finally prescribed you medicine! Everyone is always so worried about how the medicine will affect the baby that they forget that if mom is really sick that is going to affect the baby, too. lol

I agree with Jackie. Since ultrasound weight measurements can be a pound or two off in either direction, hopefully he's one of the ones that is measuring bigger than he actually is! But, hey, everyone I know who has had 'big' babies has said it wasn't as big a deal as everyone made it out to be. I've heard the extra baby fat actually helps them slide out easier. Wink

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So glad that you finally got some meds!! I know that you have been having issues with that for a while now! I hope that the u/s is off a bit and he is a little smaller!! Cant wait to see your little man!

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Wow, you're almost there! Glad they gave you something for the cough so you can get some relief!

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I have a feeling they might be pretty accurate about his weight since I'm only up 1 lb from my pre pregnancy weight. I'm all baby!

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Still go easy on yourself... They said P would be over 8 lbs and he was 6.10.

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What a relief they gave you some meds...hope they help that cough go away SOON! I just have a little allergy cough here and there and baby definitely does not like it, so it must have been horrible for you these past weeks!!

Glad all is ok with baby - can't believe how soon we'll all be holding our little ones! 2 weeks! Very exciting Smile