36 Week checkup

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36 Week checkup

I have been doing so good with my diet and weight gain. I hadn't gained anything in over 2 months. Well today I go in and I gained 4lbs!! I have no idea how. I have started to swell the last few days so I'm wondering if a lot of it was fluid. My BP was fine so my doc is not concerned. I mentioned to her that I heard the heartbeat up high last night and when she checked she heard it both low by my pubic bone but also up high near my ribcage. So, she ordered an u/s to check position and figured they could do an weight est while they were at it even though she doesn't put a whole lot of stock in u/s estimates. Well good news is baby is head down Smile However, look like I'll be having another big baby. Weight as of now is est to be 8 lbs 1oz. I'm really hoping it's off by a bit but DS5 was 9lbs 6oz a week early so I won't be surprised to have another 9+ pounder. I'm trying not to stress too much though since I delivered DS5 with no problems (didn't even tear!). It was so nice to see my baby Smile He or she has a lot of hair Smile Here are some pics:

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Awww what a cutie Smile not too much longer mama Smile

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Great appt! Nice that you have an OB who doesn't trust the u/s measurements. Since you easily delivered an over 9lb baby you can totally do this one too! Smile

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awwww, glad you had a great check up and baby is beautiful Smile
whoa 4 lbs in 2 months (especially considering baby may be 8 lbs) sounds amazing to me! you're doing great Smile

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Aww cute!!! Been anxious to find out what you're having!! :):)