37 week appointment

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37 week appointment

I just got back from my checkup - I am 1-2cm and 30-40% thinned out and -2 station she said. She did not strip my membranes today, but I made my appointment for the 38 week check next Tuesday afternoon. I am so glad to learn that my body is making some progress for all that I've been feeling the past week! I do wish there was more to be done for my swelling legs and feet, but she said for now it's nothing to be concerned about, just a pain of pregnancy! She did say it could be anytime at this point, but there's of course no way of knowing. I'm feeling pretty ready, but am being patient and waiting for him to decide it's time!

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Glad it went well and yay for progress! I had BAD swelling with DS5. I know how uncomfortable it can be. Hope you are able to get some rest and get those feet up!

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Yay for progress. Hoping that when its time its just that much more easy of a labor and delivery Smile

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Glad the appointment went well! We are getting close!