37 week check

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37 week check

I forgot to ask the tech what the actual measurements were last week so I asked my doc. Baby's head measured 97th% (no surprise since all my kids have big heads), femur was 97th% and stomach was 98th%. I'm curious to see how close it actually is to baby's real size. Fluid levels were good. High end of normal but still normal. Happy to hear since I've had polyhydramnios with 2 of the boys. I asked her to check me just for my own curiosity and I'm at 3cm! I know it doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but at least I know all these contractions are actually doing something! Hoping to be a 4 next week so I'll be almost 1/2 way there! I asked her if she'd strip my membranes at my next appt and she said yes so maybe that will help. I'd love to go into labor on my own for once! Plus, DH just accepted a new job this am and he starts Nov 5th. So if the baby comes in the next week it would give him a few more days home with me and the baby.

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That all sounds great Smile time to get to dtd.. You know, just to stir things up a bit Wink fingers crossed that your lo cooperates and comes soon so that they have the extra bonding time with daddy Smile

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wow so close! sounds good!!! Smile

just out of curiosity, i know that its no good for the fluid levels to be low -but if they are too high does that have any effect?

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That's great you are already 3 cm! 3 cm that you don't have to complete during real labor, right? Smile Hope he/she comes very soon so your DH can be with you guys a little longer.

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Yay for a great appointment!! I can't wait to hear how it goes next week too. I hope the membrane sweep puts you into labor so you don't have to be induced. Maybe try and DTD the night before your next appointment too and see if that helps.

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i am very skeptical of ultrasounds. with my first pregnancy, they told me my son had a huge head, like at the 97th percentile, and that his arms and legs were only about the 24th percentile. they also said he would weigh 8 1/2 pounds. all of this annoyed me at the time (because they kept exclaiming "huge head!" and making me scared of what my labor would be like) and i wasn't surprised that they were totally wrong once he was born. he was not a freak, he was normal!

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I feel smaller with this baby than with DS5 so I'm skeptical as to how accurate the measurements are. As for the fluid, excessive fluid can be a sign of issues like gastrointestinal or kidney problems so docs like to watch it. It can also cause cord prolapse, placental abruption, or premature rupture of membranes. Most cases of it are for unexpalined reasons though. I've never had any issues b/c of it thankfully. It just made me measure bigger and can make your belly feel tighter.

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That's really good progress! Good luck, hopefully you'll be a 4 next time Smile

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Sounds like you are off to a great start!

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yay for a great appointment and good news about being a 3 already!! Fingers crossed they keep you going to a 4 next time Smile

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woohoo 3cm!!! I was only 2cm @ my check- but better then I was last pregnancy this time around!!

I forgot to ask my doc about measurements too- she had me get an U/S to check for growth or somethign bcuz I "lost 2 weeks" .. I think baby just dropped though.

The head/stomach measured a week or two ahead- and the arms legs measured a week or two behind (HAHA...were short!)... But she never mentioned % or weight guess or anything- now shes gone for a week so if baby is still in when she gets back I'll have to ask!