38 Week appointment - and sick :(

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38 Week appointment - and sick :(

I had my 38 week appointment today and it was completely uneventful, which is good I guess. Last week we had discussed possibly setting an induction date this week because he's 8lbs+ but instead he didn't even do an internal because I have a sinus infection and he doesn't want to induce me while I'm sick. Sad I'm a bit disappointed as I'm ready for this to be over and I was really hoping he'd be here by Thanksgiving so DH could have a few extra days off with us. I feel like utter crap right now - not because of the pregnancy but because of my sinus infection. My GP put me on amoxicillin for my sinus infection but it seems like after 4 days of it I've only gotten worse! I can't wait until the weekend to try and recoup so I don't feel so horrible. He also told me there was absolutely no decongestants I could take so that I could actually breathe. My OB feels he was wrong about this and said it's ok to take sudefed or tylenol cold because at this point I just need to get better in case I do go into labor on my own.

I'm just wondering if anyone has gone into labor naturally while sick? I definitely don't want to be doing that since the last thing I want is to expose my new baby or anyone else at the hospital with my germs. :- /

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If you're truly quite sick, most of the time the body holds off on labor till you're better. I know there were a couple of ladies on the NCB board earlier this year who had the flu and labor waited. If you do go into labor, I'd recommend BFing (can't remember what your plans are sorry) because your colostrum will actually protect baby from your sickness. There were a couple of times I got sick in Aiden's first year where Aiden never got a thing thanks to BFing. I wouldn't worry about the hospital. If the workers follow proper protocols all should be fine.
I would trust your OB over your GP when it comes to pregnancy safe meds. Most doctors are afraid to touch pregnant women with general issues because they just simply don't have the time and ability to stay up to date on all the medicines and research for pregnancy on top of all the other regular medical issues they have to stay on top of for the general population.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Sorry you're sick! I was induced with DD (so not natural labor) when I felt fine. She was born at 2:00pm and that night I started having symptoms of a cold. I EBFed her and she still got sick. It ended up not just being a cold, but RSV so she was admitted to the hospital at 10 days old. Let me just say I would NOT want to be sick like that again with a newborn. You need to rest to properly recover and you just can't do that when you're taking care of a newborn. I think it's wise of your OB to wait on checking you. I'm sure you will feel better in a few days. Luckily you still have a couple weeks before your due date. Get well soon!

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Oh no! What terrible timing! I hope it goes away quickly!

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I had a sinus infection that got worse on amox and they had to change my meds to something different/ stronger but being pregnant, I am not sure. Also, there is nasal spray steroids that are supposedly pregnancy safe that totally help the breathing problem. I would ask about flonase which is not habit forming either. Good luck, my last sinus infection was a doozy so I totally sympathize. Good luck and feel better soon!

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Oh being sick on top of this pregnant... So sorry to hear! Hope you feel better soon!

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I had the flu twice before wee dude showed. Each time my body all but stopped doing any changes till we were all healthy. Hoping thats the same for you. Also, my mom had a cold, including a cold sore, when I was born. My mom bfed me and I never got it. Then, when I was less than a month old she got so sick that she had a temp of 104, and was hallucinating, again, i never got it. As for when she was recovering in l&d they just had me stay in the room with her (no going to the nursery) so that the germs stayed isolated to just her room.

Hoping that you get better soon and that Carson sits tight just long enough for you to feel better

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I was told I could take Sudafed PE (make sure it has the PE after it...usually found behind the counter) when I was sick. It's not as effective as dayquil or anything, but it will help! Hope you get better soon!