38 week check

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38 week check

Had my appt yesterday and I was still at 3cm Sad Was really hoping for 4 but oh well. The doc stripped my membranes and it was surprisingly quick and painless! However, I don't think it did much. I felt a tad crampy yesterday afternoon but nothing major. Today my stomach has been upset though. I have been dealing with constipation for months and that has definitely not been an issue today! Don't know if that means anything or not. I'm praying I go into labor on my own but if not, I know that I'll be holding my baby in 5 days at most!

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I know with my first 3 I had loose stools as labor was starting, or getting ready to start. Fingers crossed that this is a good sign fo you. I have been going a lot more lately... not always loose, but more often than I usully do. I wonder if my body is just keeping itself more empty, or if wee dude being lower has something to do with it? Any who. Sending you labor vibes Smile

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Well, the bathroom department stuff is promising!!! Smile

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I agree, the bathroom stuff does sound promising! I hope your body gets the hint from you and gets in gear! Very exciting Smile

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Having an upet stomach and using thebathroom a lot can stimulate your uterus and irritate it as well! Maybe that will get some contrax going for you!!! Hoping you go naturally!!! Cant wait to find out what you are having!