39 week appointment

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39 week appointment

today i had my 39 week appointment. i am 3 cm dilated, 90% effaced, and the baby is engaged (0 position). the midwife told me that i need to go to the hospital as soon as i feel contractions come on. she also told me the baby is sunny-side-up, meaning back labor. she said the baby can't be turned now because he is already engaged. when i was at the office, i lost some more of my mucus plug too. it's so hard not knowing WHEN things are really going to happen!!! isn't it?

happy halloween!

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Happy Halloween to you too!

you're so close! I know what you mean, I was saying that today - if i only i knew what day i'd go into labor! lol, it'd be so good but then at the same time i wouldn't be able to stand the waiting.
awesome that you had a good appointment and baby is getting all ready!

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I hope the sunny-side up position doesn't make your labor too difficult. It's almost baby time!

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So excited your almost there-keeping you in my thoughts for an easy labor despite the sunny side up predicament.

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Good luck....ELV's! I didn't know they couldn't turn yet. Makes sense though. I hope it isnt' too bad for you though.