6 month checkup

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6 month checkup

So I have been so busy lately and I have barely had time to post. I got a job working at where my kids' pediatrics office. So Gideon had his 6 month checkup on Saturday and his stats are as follows:

Weight: 16lbs 3ozs,20th%
Length: 25.75 inches, 16th%
Head Circumferance: 43.5cm, 34th%(big head compared to the rest of him lol)

I can't believe how much of a peanut he is compared to my daughter at that age and most kids I see in the office on a daily basis.

Some 6 month pics. Yesterday we took him into the pool for the first time.

First time getting in the pool. I'm pretty sure he liked it instantly:

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Congrats on the job! Sounds like your little guy is doing great! Love the pics! Still too cold here for the pool but we're going to Florida next month and I'm going to take Amaris swimming then Smile