7k Race at 12 weeks! with pics

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7k Race at 12 weeks! with pics

I wasn't sure how it was going to go but I really wanted to do it still, so I paid my money and figured worst case I would just walk. I had to really focus on not pushing myself too hard and not get down about having to take more walk breaks than I would prefer.

I ended up running the 7k (4.8 miles for this course) in 54:08. Which is only 2 minutes slower than last year (which was my first race ever and I was super new to running...)

Anyway, I am really proud of how well I did and I didn't even push hard. I took it easy the whole time and had an average pace of 11:15ish per mile!

I got a couple belly pics in my new race shirt after the race too Biggrin These are the first belly pics I have done. Unfortunately a portion is just flab that was hanging about but I am definitely starting to grow!

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Awww... super cute. And way to go (and grow Wink )

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Way to go!!! :mrgreen:

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Super cute!! Good job!

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That's awesome! That's a huge accomplishment and great time! I"m a runner too but had to tone it down right now. However, i did run in the survivor mud run when I was 12 weeks 1 day a month ago! Out of 16 obstacles only 3 I had to pass on. And it was a 5k and we finished in 54 minutes (hubby did it with me) Which was really good considering all the obstacles, people and sometimes waiting. I usually run a 5k in 27 mins. Be proud of yourself mama! I love the feeling afterward!!

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That is fantastic!!! Great pics! you're glowing!

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Great job! Smile

I miss running - had to really step back from it the past couple of months and am wondering if I could get back into it a little now that I'm feeling better.

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Way to go on the run! And you look great!

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You are awesome, and you look great! I wish I was a runner!

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Awesome! way to go!

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You are amazing!!!

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Great job! Way to go!

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Thanks ladies! I'm still feeling pretty proud of myself. I wear my race shirt often around the house and sometimes point at it to DH and say "Yeah, who's bad @$$?" LOL He just shakes his head Smile