9 month well baby check in

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9 month well baby check in

Your name:
Baby's name:
Birth weight:
Birth length:

9 month check up date:
9 month weight & %:
9 month length & %:
9 month headhead circ & %:
Anything else?
9 month pic:

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Your name:
Baby's name: Sam
Birthdate: 8/1/12
Birth weight: 2 pounds 12 ounces
Birth length: 15 inches long

9 month check up date:(12th month check up) 8/7/13
9 month weight & %: 23 pounds 5 oz
9 month length & %: 29 1/2 inches long
9 month headhead circ & %: 19 3/4
Shots? he got a couple
Anything else? he has to have an MRI on Tuesday. He had his NICU follow up appointment and they are more concerned about his head growth then the Pedi. They are worried that with how bad his low tone is and that he's not progressing much with PT and OT, he may have some neurological issues. So they want to check with an MRI, otherwise they think he may have some sensory issues. So he is also getting referred to OT outside of the OT he gets through early intervention
9 month pic:

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Your name: Jackie
Baby's name: Zoe
Birthdate: 11/27
Birth weight: 7, 12
Birth length: 18 something LOL

9 month check up date: No well baby, but will do with her current stats at just shy of 9 months.
9 month weight & %: Just shy of 20 pounds
9 month length & %: 28"
9 month headhead circ & %: No idea.
Shots? Don't vaccinate.
Anything else? Zoe is a babbling happy baby still! Not quite crawling yet, but I think she'll put it together soon. She'll do a really high energy version of army crawling though and she rolls everywhere all the time. Ha. She baby signs "milk" (for nursing) and tries to sign "more" (for more boob or more food), but gets so excited that the hands just start waving in the air. Just started eating solid food. She's still dairy sensitive, but it is improved. I can eat limited dairy without issues, but we're holding off till at least a year before giving her anything with dairy in it.
9 month pic: I'll add one later.

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Your name: Kierstin
Baby's name: Kellen
Birthdate: Nov. 7, 2012
Birth weight: 6lbs 1oz
Birth length: 19, though was 18.5 a couple hrs later

9 month check up date: Today, Aug. 21, 2013
9 month weight & %: 14lbs 7oz (0.00%)
9 month length & %: 24.75" (0.00%)
9 month headhead circ & %: 43.4cm (17.09"... 9.53%)
Shots? Because we are limiting the # of shots he gets to 2 at a time he had the polio vac. as well as the Pnemococal (sp>) today.
Anything else? Its amazing to me how much has changed in the last 9 months. Kellen is a crawling machine, making it from one end of the house to the next in the time it takes me to turn around. Having to be very diligent about keeping the gates closed now. He is pulling himself up on the couch and walking around things. He is short, so is limited for what he can reach to pull himself up on lol. Luckily our one couch is pretty low to the ground. He says momma, his favorite word. He also says dada, and other babbly sounds like ga, na, ba, and so on. He is a pretty easy going, happy guy. He was just in the ER the other night and diagnosed with Croup, so we are spending this week laying low, staying out of the heat, and nursing. I mentioned in another post that he doesnt like baby foods a whole lot, but will tolarate them if I'm not here. He is starting on some table foods, but is a boob boy through and through Smile
9 month pic: (see picture thread)

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Your name: Tiffany
Baby's name: Gideon
Birthdate: 10/18/2012
Birth weight: 9lbs 1oz
Birth length: 18.5"

9 month check up date:
9 month weight & %: 16lbs 12 ozs, 8%
9 month length & %: 28", 58%
9 month headhead circ & %: 17.5", 35%
Shots? He had his last hepatitis B shot.
Anything else? Still monitoring his growth since its still dropping every checkup.
9 month pic: