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I have no maternity jeans that fit all of a sudden. How can that be? :annoyed:

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Time to get the secret fit ones... Or, baby just shifted and so your belly is a different shape???

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everything keeps falling down on me - even the secret fit belly ones. Shorts do better than capris, though...looser around my ever expanding thighs I suppose Wink Good thing it's summertime...I'm wearing a lot of dresses lately!

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They seem to just feel tight all over, which is strange since I have worn them until the end my last two pregnancies. I have been wearing a lot of dresses, but they had to be washed today, so I thought I'd throw on some jeans. I hoped I would be able to wear them in October, but looks like I'll be buying a pair! Bummer.

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Last pregnancy I noticed the ones I started off with got too small width wise before the 3rd tri - had to go up a size! That was annoying. This time I'm using just the "up a size" ones and I'm constantly having to pull them up, but I know they'll be heavenly in the 3rd tri. Apparently it's common to need two different sizes of maternity clothes. I'm already stretching some maternity tops to their limit - good thing I have more that are bigger!

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Ugh, how frustrating! I am definitely loving the Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit pants! I can't get the "under the belly" type to stay up over my hips :annoyed: