Abdominal Binder Question

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Abdominal Binder Question

I ordered one this week and I'm just wondering... How soon after delivery do you use it? Should I take it to the hospital? I don't want to mess anything up in there if I'm supposed to give it a couple of healing days, you know? BTW, I'm expecting a vaginal delivery, not c-sec if that makes a difference.

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I'm curious, too.

I have an abdominal binder that the hospital sent me home with after my surgery in November, so I'm also wondering if I can just use that, or if it makes a difference to use a postpartum binder.

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I brought mine to the hospital with DS figuring I'd decide after birth if I wanted it or not. Well, I had a c/s and I couldn't get it to work! But I was pumped full of fluids, was rather puffy, and couldn't move properly to get it on. I'll bring it with me again to see if I can wear it after my VBAC. I suspect that it'll fit this time since as of right now if all is well I won't get IV fluids and I'll be able to have DH wrap it around me. I couldn't move well enough to have DH wrap me last time. And trust me you'll want someone else to wrap it on you because they'll get a tighter better fit! Definitely a difference once I wore it with DS between me wrapping myself and DH doing it.

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My c/s deliveries they have always given me one by the second day.

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I bought a cheapie one from target with ds. I had a vaginal birth and used it the next morning... i think it worked great imo.

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I started using mine the morning after DS was born.