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Well we went in for the 3D/4D u/s but she said that it wouldn't really be worth the money to do it this early so we just did the gender and she gave us half off next time when we are further along so we can get the DVD and CD full of the 3D pics. But we did get to find out the gender and it's a...BOY

Add me to team blue!!!

My SO and I are over the moon. I was crying cause I could tell right away as soon as she started. Now I will have one of each and I couldn't be happier.

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Congrats on your sweet boy!!

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That is so wonderful! Congratulations!

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Aww, how wonderful! Congrats!!


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YAY!! So exciting!! Love it when people are "hoping" for something and that's what they get!!!! I feel like not many people are getting one of each lately, seems to be all the same genders!!! So exciting!!!

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YAY congrats Smile now, the real fun, picking out a name Smile

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Awwww yay!!! Congrats on your little boy!!!! Biggrin

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How exciting!!!

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We already have the name picked out lol. My SO had the first name picked out soon as we found out I was pregnant and I picked the middle name so good thing it is a boy. His name is Gideon Maxwell

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Yay! Congrats on your boy! Great name!

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Good name Smile Yay Gideon Smile

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Awesome!! Congrats! And great name too!

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Congrats! Smile

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Congratulations!!!! Smile

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Congrats on team blue!! Biggrin

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