Advice on traveling, epecially in altitude

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Advice on traveling, epecially in altitude

So, being from the good old Midwest, this moutain driving and altitude is geyting to me. I get more out of breathe, have been having trouble sleeping. Also, I have a huge phobia of heights, and have had to just lay my seat all the way back, cover face, and remind myself to breathe while we drive. I am also having more pelvic pressure, and so parched all the time.

so, for those that have traveled more, or live in a mountainous area, how do you handle all of this? I am honestly to the point where I am ready to cut this trip short...

Ps. As I am sitting here writing this Sqwirt is sqeirming around for the first time since we left home on Friday Smile

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I don't live in high altitude but we live about 20 minutes from the Sierra-Nevada Mountains/Sequoia National Park and go there frequently. I think that there really isn't anything you can do for the shortness of breath just because the oxygen level is lower at higher altitudes just don't push yourself too hard and make sure you get tons of water while enjoying your vacation. My biggest problem is almost always my ears refusing to pop and it causing me tons of pain and leaving me miserable the whole time. I hope you start to adjust to the altitude soon and have fun! Also how awesome that you're getting tons of movement!! YAY!

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Just listen to your body's cues. Drink as much water as you can and take it slow outdoors. I did one afternoon at Red Rock in Vegas when pregnant with DS and while not high mountain altitude (I probably never got above 5,000 ft), I found myself wearing out and getting short of breath way quick. I also kept getting nose bleeds. Things I haven't had issue with this pregnancy which is being spent primarily at sea level. I did notice when driving home last month that the pressure in my head mounted a lot higher giving me headaches as I passed through the TN/NC mountains. Previously I just had normal ear popping when going through the rockies out west with way higher altitudes! I never really gave it much thought other than "wow, this sucks." ((hugs)) Maybe our bodies just don't handle the altitude changes nearly as well while pregnant.