AF already????

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AF already????

I'm EBF and I started bleeding today, which I can only assume is AF. Baby girl will be 3 months on Saturday. I have never started AF before weaning my babies. I'm on the mini pill and have taken it after every birth. I'm just super annoyed. Do you think it will return like regular or maybe it's just an isolated thing and won't come back again until she's weaned? Ugh.

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It could be an isolated thing, or just a break threw thing.with dd I had a couple of those, but not an actual af. Hopefully its not af i know for me a bonus of bfing is more time without it Wink

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I had that too last week. My supply is going down and Cristiano is getting 1-2 formulas a day ( during the week when I work) but I bled for one day and that was it and it was after I was on the mini pill ( new cycle) for over a week. So I think break thru. Haven't bled since though so it is strange.