Almost there!!

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Almost there!!

Bria is 3 lbs 12 oz tonight!! She has 4 more ounces to gain before she can come home!! She is gaining about 1-2 ounces per night, so possibly monday she could be coming home!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I am so excited, but I am so very nervous as well! I know that she will be on her 3 hr feeding schedule when she comes home, so I know that I will be getting very little sleep! She makes a lot of little noises and I know that it will wake me up very easily and with her being in our room its going to be hard! On a happier note... we went shopping got all the stuff we needed today! The only thing left to buy is her preemie car seat which we are getting on monday as well as some Aveeno baby wash and lotion! It is so close now and I just cant believe we are almost there!!

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How exciting! So glad to hear she is doing well and nearly ready to come home Biggrin

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Yay!!! Such great news!!! Ds2 came home in a car bed, they are kinda clunky, but they do the trick Smile

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Ps. We were able to rent ours from the hospital and our ins covered it Smile

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that's terrific news!! can't wait to see the happy homecoming pics!

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That is sooo awesome! What a heart warming post! I'm so glad!!!

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YAY! Soooooo close!!! :blob3:

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That's such great news!

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Yay! So close!!!

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SO it looks like she probably wont be coming home until closer to the end of the week. She had a couple of low blood sugars, so they decided to leave her in the isolette for a little while longer. Im hoping that by monday she will come out of there! They are trying to figure out what type of calorie supplement that she will be coming home on as well. Ugh! Im just so ready to have her here. Its been 7 weeks tomorrow Sad

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I hope your little one comes home soon !!!!! Get all you need done now so you dont have to worry later !!

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I can't beleive shes seven weeks old already! Come on Bria!

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Praying she comes home this week!

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