Am I the only one?

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Am I the only one?

Who can't eat ANYTHING in the morning? During the week, when I'm up and getting ready for work, I can't eat until about an hour after I am up, and then I am snacking on watermelon all day long.... on weekends, I usually stay in bed lazy until I am hungry enough to eat and eat right away... but I'm annoyed at this not being able to eat before I'm on the bus or sitting at my desk, because I'll have a glass of milk atleast (or apple or orange juice) and then I'm nauseated for a bit.

so annoying.

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I think the last time I woke up feeling any nausea was a week ago! I don't eat right away at all, but I do get something to drink and usually by the time DS asks for breakfast I can eat too (he nurses when he first gets up which keeps him happy for an hour).

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I generally don't feel GREAT in the morning, and if I only have something to drink (juice, milk, etc) it almost makes me feel worse. So I have found that if I eat A LOT, then I end up feeling better, but it takes me a little while to get there is getting better most days, so I'm thankful for that. Smile