Anatomy scan yesterday

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Anatomy scan yesterday

And it's official! Were having a baby! I'm just so glad it wasn't a tiny little muskrat growing in there. Baby was so cute playing with her/his feet and we got a great shot of baby yawning. (I know it looks like Scream.)

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awww... what a cutie. Awesome pic of the yawn Smile

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Aw how great! Awesome ultrasound pictures!!! Biggrin I'm impressed, mine looked horrible lol

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Awww!!! how adorable is this baby?! Smile

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Yay! Another surprise! Love the pic of the yawn. Smile Glad he/she is happy and healthy!

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What great pics!! I'm jealous! We didn't get any profile ones. Glad your LO looks good!

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Adorable!! I love the yawn picture!!!

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adorable pictures...what a cutie!!

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Awww so cute! Congratulations!

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That is a fantastic yawning picture!!! Glad to hear all is going well. Smile

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Yay! Congrats! What cute pictures!

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What awesome pics!! I love the yawn pic! So cute Smile

And congrats on your baby boy!!!

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Great ultrasound pictures! Congratulations.

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Thank you ladies!

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ahah sooo awesome! I'm glad all is well!

I hope my pics come out that good on Thursday!

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It is hard working growing that quickly, I would be exhausted too! So cute! And Congrats on the baby Smile