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What do you take with your iron pill?
I was never anemic before or previous pregnancies so I'm new to taking iron pills.
It says take on empty stomach and I've figured out that doesnt work for me because I just throw it back up.
It says dont take with dairy or coffee so I try to just have toast in the morning.
I read calcium helps absorb it so to drink OJ, then today the doc says "just dont take it with anything acidic, like OJ" haha..

So I'm torn, what could I take it with and get the most out of it? Maybe toast and a calcium pill?
TMI: DOes anyone need stool softeners with it? Did you buy OTC or get a prescript?

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That's funny. I just posted that I have been feeling really weak and wondered if I was anemic and then I read this post.

I was anemic in my last pregnancy with DS and had to take iron pills. The only way I could ever get them to stay down was to take them at night and immediately go to bed and even then I would often still have to throw up. I don't know how anyone could take them on an empty stomach either. And I do remember having to take stool softeners with it, but I can't remember what I took now. I think they were just over the counter.

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I always just took mine with milk, woops lol. I believe my doctor had me take docalace (???) to help with the constipation. I agree with both of you about NOT taking it on an empty stomach. yuck Sad

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I too took mine at night after dinner, before bed. I just upped my fiber to help combat the consipation. I've been drinking a glass of plum (I hate the taste of prune) juice each day because I had a really bad bit of constipation a week or so ago. It's helped so much.

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I'm on iron pills too. I take mine with a small snack at bedtime. My doc said to take colace while I was taking the iron. Yuo can take up to 2 a day. I was still getting constipated though so I talked to her about it at my appt this week. She gave a me a bunch of samples of iron pills that are easier on the stomach. The ones I originally was given was ferrous sulphate (usually what's prescribed) and it can be hard on the stomach. The new ones have ferrous fumerate and ferrous gluconate (I think) which are much easier on the stomach and don't cause as much constipation. One of the ones she gave me also have vit C in it already so I don't have to worry about it. She gave me enough to last the rest of my pregnancy Smile I'd ask your doc about trying a different type if they are not agreeing with you.

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I'm taking mine in the morning with a vitamin C supplement because that's how my Dr told me to take it. I haven't had any constipation issues yet but I've only been taking it for a week....

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I ended up on liquid iron supplements last pregnancy. They are called "fer-in-sol" and are made by Enfamil. I bought them at Walmart. Way easier on the stomach. I just ended up mixing them into a glass of OJ and it was awesome!