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Well, my doc's office called this week and my blood test showed I'm anemic. Now I'm on iron pills along with my prenatals. They also gave me colace which is good b/c constipation has already been a big issue. So far, so good. I just take the iron at night so it doesn't upset my stomach. The only thing that worries me a little is the fact that I'v had bleeding issues in the past. I hemorrhaged with DS1 and they've giving me a shot of something to help prevent that at all my other deliveries. I know anemia can make bleeding issues worse. Just hoping the pills help. At least now I know why I've had zero energy or motivation lately!

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I dont know that anemia actually causes bleeding issues, but if you have a lot of bleeding it will make you anemic. ANd, if you are already low, it can be a problem Sad I also had a lot of bleeding with DS1 and was almost kept longer in the hospital... only my insurance said that since my #'s were going up (even thought not as fast or up to where my doc wanted) they made them release me Sad

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I just got the call with my results from yesterday and they are starting me on iron, too. I'm going to keep Colace in mind, even though they didn't tell me anything about that. But I'm thankful I passed the GD 1-hour test, wahoo! Hopefully the extra iron will help us both perk up some Smile I could use some extra energy, I tell you what!

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Oh I'm sorry. I hated being anemic. I was with DS for a little while and I alway seemed to feel wiped out too. Plus the iron made me throw up when I took it. My stomach didn't seem to want to keep it down. I hope the iron helps you soon and you feel better.