Announcing the news?

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Announcing the news?

Who has announced their pregnancy? Who did you tell?

We told our immediate families 2 weeks ago after my first appointment and u/s. I also told 2 friends on Wednesday because one of them asked me about us having 4 kids, so I just spilled. Even though I've had a second appointment and u/s and everything is great I can't help but feel nervous about sharing with the larger Facebook, etc. DH is ready to tell and I thought I was, but I can't decide if I'm ready.

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I told my best friend before I even told DH. But she did the same last year. lol. A few days after I found out DH and I told both sets of parents and our siblings. Since then I've told a couple of close friends who I would want their support if I miscarried. We won't announce to the world till after my next appointment which is at 13 weeks. Last pregnancy we didn't announce till after my 2nd appointment too, only it was at 15 weeks.

ETA: A few local people know now along with most of my husband's squadron. Kinda wish all these people didn't, but we just moved here last month and I needed a starting off point with finding a care provider who will do a VBAC and word has spread from there. :roll:

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We announced after the first u/s went well. I don't do well with secrets anyway and have always told from the beginning, plus with everything going on with Ellie we thought I might need support and people would be better able to understand what I needed if they knew the whole story.

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We told our parents and sisters immediately. We want their prayers for a healthy baby, and we also want their support if things go wrong. I've also told one friend at church, mostly because she knew my sister was pregnant and when I wasn't at church one Wednesday night she asked something like, "You're sick? What, are you pregnant, too?" She's also my closest friend at church, so I wanted to tell her anyway. Smile

I'll probably tell a few close friends after my ultrasound this coming Thursday, assuming everything goes well.

And aside from that... people are either going to have to ask or wait many more months. I didn't make a facebook announcement last time until... maybe ever? I posted a pregnancy picture at 7.5 months (the only pregnancy picture I posted), but it was in an album and not on my wall, so a lot of people never saw it. I assume it'll be the same this time. I've been burned by miscarriages too much in the past to want to offer up the information until I'm sure things are going really well.

This is made so much easier by the fact that my sister is pregnant, too. She's due about a week ahead of me, and she's many inches shorter than me and shows much, much earlier than I do. So all the attention is going to be on her. Smile Luckily, she doesn't mind spilling the beans once she reaches the second trimester.

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We announced to our family when I was about 6 or 7 weeks, only because we needed them to watch DD while we went into the ER. I wasnt going to tell anyone for a while. I announced to FB when we hit 12 weeks.

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I told my hubby right away. I also took pic of the test to send to a friend of mine who was also ttc their 4th. After I got the confirmation from my doc that evening I called my sister. I wasnt going to tell her since she didnt tell us till she was 20 weeks along with her last baby, but she had all my books, baby clothes, some of my maternity stuff, etc. The next day a friend of mine came over and noticed I was using the bathroom more often and asked if I was ok. I said yes. Then she asked if I was pregnant. I said yes. I also told a couple of other friends that I knew would be supportive. We told the rest of our familys after our ultrasound at 6 weeks. Then, once we were sure that everyone had gotten the news, we announced on facebook Smile With the other 3 I had announced to the world right of the bat. This time I was a bit more hesitant. I really dont post much about my pregnancy on FB. I mainly just do it here Wink

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We've told most of our close friends and family. I pray that nothing goes wrong because I'll be so mortified if I have to go back and explain what happened but I also know that all the people I told would support me and want to know anyway. I plan to do my "public" announcement on facebook sometime after my 2nd trimester, also since I'm going to a big national convention type thing next month, and I doubt I'll be able to keep from blubbering throughout the entire thing, I'll probably have to at least explain myself to some of my acquaintances/friends there as well.

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I had to do things a little backwards. Beee

I had to tell DH via email since he'd already left for deployment when I found out. I also had to tell pretty much all of my friends that I see day to day. Everyone was worried that I was sick and/or depressed over deployment, when really the morning sickness just hit fast and hard. I only see family about once a year and talk to them every couple months, so I'm waiting to tell them. I'll probably tell them about Memorial Day since that is when our community pool opens and swimming and beach pics will start hitting FB.

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I've been really tempted to tell because I could use some help with my daughters for all the appts I've been having but I'm trying to wait until at least 12 weeks.

Last time we told everyone right away and want to do things differently this time. It has been fun just keeping it between DH and I.