Another hopeful jumping in...

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Another hopeful jumping in...

Hey Ladies!

I'm Amy (31). DH & I have been married for almost 11 years and we are TTC #5! I've been feeling the "pull" for a few months, but we've been waiting for DH to get a new job, and's not happening as soon as we would like it to. But we are giong for it anyway. Nothing brings me greater joy than my babies and I'm not going to put my family on hold for silly reasons. Besides, I'm pretty good at scrimping and saving! Sooo, here we are! We didn't have success for an Oct baby, but here's hoping for November.

I'm hoping we BD enough, but maybe not. I'm pretty sure I O'd on Thursday (16th), and we BD on Wed, Thurs (2x) and Fri. Then we both got hit with the flu, so that kinda stopped things. Boo!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to jumping in Smile

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TTC #5

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Welcome! I hope you get your BFP sooner rather than later! Smile

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Hi Amy :wavehello: Here's hoping November is the month of luck!!

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Welcome and good luck!!

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Hi Amy! Welcome! Sounds to me like your BD timing was great!