Anyone else feeling this?

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Anyone else feeling this?

The past week, I feel like the outside of my belly is almost feeling a little bit numb. Anyone else feel like this? I can still feel when I rub on it, but it feels kind of...less sensitive to touch/desensitized almost?? Does that make sense? It's a pretty weird feeling!!

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I cant say that i have felt that way. It sounds to me like there is a nerve being pinched somewhere Sad

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Not numb, but I have noticed that it's very sensitive to touch too! I don't like DS or DH to touch it lately because it feels so weird. And the other night I was laying on the couch and all of the sudden it felt like the baby way pinching me from the inside! I actually yelped. Now that spot where it happened is sore. It's on my left side right under my rib cage... Who knows what that's about?

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yes I do. I actually noticed it the last couple days. I saw the baby had kicked and really didn't feel it.