Anyone else feeling Better?!

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Anyone else feeling Better?!

I don't want to get too excited but yesterday i had this burst of energy after my friends baby shower, i came home, cleaned up a little bit - made a food shopping list AND a weekly menu, and went food shopping!

this morning, i popped out of bed, went for a half hour walk at 9:30, came home, showered! I felt good - after that I relaxed a bit and watched some TV, and i just finished cooking dinner now.

i was a little concerned about my weight gain and salt intake so i got everything low sodium and no salt added, i don't even normally cook with salt at all but because the first trimester (and beginning of second) had me so hard finding food we ate out and prepared foods way too often... so tonight i made lentils with brown rice and escarole! I think my stomach can handle the greens again - maybe not broccoli rabe so fast, but i'm really excited about escarole! the smell cooking was really pleasing to me instead of nasty, so i'm really excited!

DH even realized, in the food store i had forgotten something down one aisle and i just went to get it came back without whining LOL, so he said "you definitely have more energy!", i hope this lasts! and i hope you are all doing great!!!!!!!!!!

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My morning sickness still comes and goes. Its mainly gone, but there have been a few mornings here and there that I have still gotten sick. My energy is up, though not a whole lot. I still need a nap, and if I dont get one, I am out by 8pm.

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Yay for having some energy back!!! As long as I rest when DS naps in the afternoon I do pretty well now. 15 weeks was my turning point thankfully for nausea and being completely exhausted.

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Glad you are feeling better!

I felt ok today - I am still completely exhausted tired, but I was only nauseated today - no actual puking yet *knock on wood*. I am hoping to get some energy soon- however, I am very like my mom and she slept and puked for 9 months while pregnant for me.... so I'm hoping I am not like that the whole time... Also, I' have bad days with pelvic girdle pain... some days I can't even sit properly -- today was one of those days.

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I wish I had some energy but overall feeling pretty good

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I'm beginning to get some of my energy back. Its still a slow process. Some days I feel like I can go go go go go... and other days, if I can drag myself out of bed, I'm doing better than I expected. Some sickness still hits me every few mornings. Nothing too awful but its still there. Food wise, some things taste great, others taste AWFUL still. DH brought home Jack in the Box the other day which I normally love but all of it tasted gross. He and DS loved it. I got sick off of it. Then yesterday I had trail mix and I couldn't remember when I'd last had something that tasted that good.

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I'm feeling pretty good these days, too. Nausea is only here and there occasionally and passes quickly. I'm pretty tired, but am trying to nap when I can and make sure to put my feet up a few times a day. Yesterday, I was off work and played with the boys all day and then instead of resting while they napped, I steamed the couch and I paid for it last night and still today! It's going to be a resting kinda day (thank goodness it's rainy!). On the bright side, our couch smells much better now! Guess the nesting is kicking in early this time Wink