anyone else feeling depressed or anxious?

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anyone else feeling depressed or anxious?

ugh, i am having a seriously hard time with this pregnancy. as we get closer to the due date, my anxiety level is increasing. i am also feeling depressed and am thinking about seeing a counselor for it. this is my second pregnancy. during my first pregnancy, i felt all the hormones stabilized my moods. i actually felt happy for most of it and loved being pregnant. things are not the same this time around. i actually feel like i dread when the baby is born. i know that sounds awful. i had post-partum depression with my first and i am worried this will happen again. i also fear how hard things will be and how much our lives will change.

i feel like this pregnancy is tiring me out and i don't have the energy or desire to really do much of anything. i don't know.

i just sort of want to take a break and go on a little vacation or something but i don't see that happening since we are getting so close now.

does anyone else feel this way?

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I have days where I am grumpy, or moments where i worry, but it isn't that severe (and I have a history with depression) - this is my first pregnancy so I fear post-partum and wonder myself if I should see a counselor.

I would definitely go with your gut and get into a counseling session, at least that way you can have time away from everything and everyone to just talk about yourself with someone with an unbiased opinion and you can see where these feelings come from. You may just be pysching yourself up - are you worried about experiencing post partum depression again and maybe that is what is fueling the fear at this moment?

I truly hope you feel better, keep us posted

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I am feeling extremely irritable at the moment, and my anxiety level is getting up there. I too have a history of PPD and so started seeing my councilor again as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. She warned me to really watch my anxiety level, because that is what leads to me crashing into depression. Today was a bad day just because I am getting super frustrated and anxious about this move. We still dont have a def. place, and I am getting more and more worried that we wont find one before the baby comes... which means that I will either be alone here with 3 kids when it comes time, or I will need to pull the boys out of school for a few weeks and go stay with my sister (she lives up where DH's new job is). We spent a tank of gas today to go up and see 2 places. The first is closer to my sister, but the lay out of the house is just not ok... the stairs going up to the one bedroom alone make it a big no with DD and Wee dude... and there is no way to get our bed up there. The other place we saw was a bit better, less in rent, but the neighborhood was kinda sketchy, and again, I really didnt feel the stairs to the upstairs were all that safe. I am hoping and praying that we get approved for the place we saw and put our app in for last week. Its got a couple of draw backs, but is by leaps and bounds more desierable in my book.

Ok, so, sorry to get off topic. I too know what you mean. I would def. suggest that you start seeing someone now if you are already feeling like this. Any history of depression def. warrants seeing someone

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I am definitely battling anxiety. I am on Zoloft and trying to wean off before Cricket is due. Some days I just feel like I am going to lose it Sad I feel like trying to wean off the Zoloft would be fine or the crazy pregnancy hormones would be fine, but both at the same time is a little too much for me. Sad I'm trying to keep my anxiety at bay the best I can but I can definitely tell I'm more irritable.

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I had a lot of moments of depression, etc during my pregnancy with Sammy but I was also dealing with a lit of complications.

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I already have anxiety so yeah its been worse since I've been pregnant but my meds help. I am extremely nervous about delivery though and worried about having a panic attack.

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Yes! I feel the same way, that I was pretty stable and happy when I was pg with DD. I loved being pregnant. It's not like I hate being pregnant this time, but definitely a lot more depression and crying. Poor DH and DD. Sad

Of course, last time I had a bunch of anxiety since my first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. My blood pressure was super high at every appointment because I would have these anxiety attacks, and the only two times I threw up the entire pregnancy were the mornings before an ultrasound. But the rest of the time I was much less depressed. This time my blood pressure is much, much lower (hasn't been higher than 100/60 and is typically 90/60, vs a high of 130/80 last time and usually at least 120/80-ish last time), but I just can't seem to stop crying. Wink

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YES! I am having a hard time, too. I'm already preparing for PPD since I experienced it both previous times and plan to talk to my doctor about treating it at my appointment tomorrow. Lately I have been SUPER emotional. This morning, I dropped the boys off at preschool and neither of them wanted me to leave them and DS2 just cried and cried. Now I feel very teary and like I could cry at any given moment. Since I'm not feeling great physically and uncomfortable, contracting, baby so low, etc, I know I'm more irritable and am feeling bad that I'm not being a great mommy right now - lots of guilt, especially mornings like this when I feel like they just are needing more from me somehow if that makes sense. I want this little guy to stay put till he's ready for sure, but I'm just so ready to be able to feel better and move around with my kids again. Looking forward to exercising again since that helps my mood so much, too, but I'm just having to take it way too easy to do much other than walking around the park lately.

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It's not just you and it's completely normal! I have generalized anxiety disorder and haven't been taking my medicine since we conceived so sometimes I have some hard days where I cry for HOURS and make no progress on housework and feel like a complete lunatic. With DS I was off my medicine and doing very well without it, I think the biggest difference between these two pregnancies is that he was born in March - so literally RIGHT after tax refunds and we had everything we needed because of that. With Carson I feel like I feel the pressure more because we're struggling so hard financially to pay our bills that I worry how we're going to afford diapers and everything after he's born. Plus Christmas and Thanksgiving are right around the corner and while I'm so excited to have him born soon I want DS1 to have a good holiday season. At this point we haven't even bought a crib yet (though we have a bassinet/pack n play thing we intend to use for a few months) and even when we do I'm not quite sure where we will put it in our house since our bedrooms are sooooo tiny.

I think seeing a counselor would help you a lot! I know just venting and getting it all out to someone who won't judge you is always an awesome stress reliever. Biggrin

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thank you so much for the support everyone! it sounds like a lot of you are struggling with similar issues. last night, i had insomnia and only slept for about two hours. i am exhausted today. i hope those of you dealing with anxiety and depression are able to get some relief and are able to take some time out for yourself, too.