Anyone else starting to wonder if the MS is never going to end?

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Anyone else starting to wonder if the MS is never going to end?

I am 15 weeks along with baby #5, my MS has let up a little, but for the most part I still feel terrible. I know with my other children I was feeling better by 20 weeks, so I have a while to go. It is getting old, though. I just want to enjoy life again! Some days I wonder if there is something else wrong with me! Am I the only one not feeling so great? I have such sympathy for those who have to go through 9 months feeling this way.

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With my first I had MS all 9 months... thankfully as I got further along it got better, but it never did fully go away. With my 2nd I was so sick that I ended up on meds. With him it went away around 15 or 16 weeks. With my 3rd it wasnt nearly as bad, and was gone around 12 or 13 weeks. I thought that maybe I would skip it all together this time... no such luck. It finally started to ease the last couple of weeks... though, I still have my moments. I have a friend that is pregnant with her 7th, and talking to her she has said that each pregnancy has been different from the next. Hang in there.. hopefully it will subside soon. Other wise, talk to your doc about other options. I know B6 works for some, I found that an antacid helped me a bit, some people like those sea bands, and so on.

Ps. Welcome to the board. I havent seen you post before. Please make yourself a space, and add yourself to our EDD/gender prediction thread. Cant wait to get to know you Smile

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I'm with you - I'm still nauseous all day long and if I eat food that isn't sweet it comes right back up. I'm soooo going to have gestational diabetes!

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I'm there with you...pretty over it! Hope it gets better for you soon!

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My ms has been pretty bad from the start but it seemed to only worsen once I hit the second trimester. With #1 (DS) I had absolutely no morning sickness what so ever and felt great, I gained tons of weight (probably too much) pretty early on, and didn't think twice about it. With this pregnancy I've actually lost 10lbs, throw up on a daily basis, and have very little craving for sweets or soda - when I can eat I crave fruit and veggies or meats.

Things that did help with my ms were sea bands (for a short period of time), tums, and then Zofran. I hope it subsides soon for those of us that are still dealing with MS.