Anyone having dreams about giving birth yet?

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Anyone having dreams about giving birth yet?

I've had several dreams where I've held the baby - in one dream she was still inside my stomach but i was able to stretch my belly up to my face and it became see through, so i can see her - and she really looked beautiful and happy...

in the other one, she was born and looked like a troll doll! she had don king hair! she just slept all the time, no need to feed or change her, and she was a boy lol...

well last night i had a dream that i had went into labor and i was in the hospital with my mom and friends but i kept saying, "i just feel like i have to go to the bathroom, maybe we should go home?" and i was shaving my legs in the middle of the room... in the dream it was november 11 (my best friends birthday is november 11, and thats a sunday this year), and we knew it was a sunday and all... well anyway... eventually it was just me, my mom and my aunt in the delivery room with me and my husband still wasn't there... the phone rang and i answered it and he said "well you picked a good day to go into labor because i can't leave work" i was so infuriated in the dream that i hung up on him! this is totally out of character of DH lol, not something im truly worried about happening... hahaha, but it was SO funny - i actually woke up feeling like i was mad at him this morning, LOL....

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I had a dream on the Friday before I gave birth that I had to have a c-section because she didnt have enough fluid and then Sunday morning it actually happened. Pretty freaky huh??

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"-x-Amber-x-" wrote:

I had a dream on the Friday before I gave birth that I had to have a c-section because she didnt have enough fluid and then Sunday morning it actually happened. Pretty freaky huh??

Whoa Amber, mother's intuition kicked in! That's crazy!

I have yet to have any dreams about this baby or the delivery. I really didn't have any when I was pregnant with DS either. I ALWAYS have dreams, but never any actual ones about the baby. Crossing my fingers I will at least get one good one before he's born! I would love to "pretend dream hold him" and see what it feels like!

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That IS freaky Amber! WOW.

I've had a dream recently that labor started "early" surprising me (early being before the 41-42 weeks I'm expecting lol), but it was super easy compared to my pit contractions with DS. I didn't even call DH for hours and DS and I played all day during my contractions. I finally called DH and told him to come home. And he got home just in time for baby to be born at home. lol. It was very vivid with the games Aiden and I played and such. I really would love a home birth, but unless my labor is perfect and easy like my dream we will be having a hospital VBAC! Unassisted at home would freak DH out.

When pregnant with DS I kept having dreams that I could unzip my stomach and pull him out to try him out in strollers, car seats, etc. And then when done, zip him back in! I did end up with a c/s. Interesting. Never really put the zipper dream and my c/s together before.

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I totally believe it, Amber. With DD I had a dream in the first trimester that she would be born on June 1st, and that's the day I actually went into labor with her.

This time I've had two dreams about labor. The first was such a great dream... the labor was easy and pain-free. That would be really great if that one came true. Biggrin

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I haven't had any dreams lately about giving birth but I had 2 a couple months ago that were amazing! Super peaceful water births where Cricket just laid in my arms and looked around, so calm that he wasn't even crying but was perfectly healthy! They were amazing dreams!!

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I had a dream on Saturday that I went into labor. I woke up panting and practicing my breathing and was ready to wake up DH to go to the hospital before I realized that I wasn't really in labor.