anyone hoping for twins?

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anyone hoping for twins?

I am hoping and praying that I am having twins. The reason why I think I might be having twins is that (I know you all might think I'm nuts LOL) I have had readings from a lot of psychics and they all say I am going to have twins (boy & girl) and most of them were correct on when I would conceive so now I am waiting if they are correct on the twins. Also I have a great chance on conceiving twins because:

1. I take fertility drugs

2. I am very old (gulp)

3. I have conceive twins before

4. this is my 6th pregnancy. (The more you get pregnant the more chance you conceive twins.)

Also my symptoms have been the strongest in all my pregnancy's I really hope I am having twins cause I always wanted 4 kids and this would be my last pregnancy so I would get my 4 kids! LOL : )

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I was! I think my DH would have passed out but I would have been thrilled. This is my 10th pregnancy so I was hoping that would sway things. Plus my dad had twin sisters. But we are thrilled with one healthy baby Smile

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I wanted twins with my first pregnancy and would have welcomed it with my second but this time around, one is enough for me and that's what's in there (at least at 5 weeks 4 days it was, lol!).

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I have been having lots of weird feelings that it might be twins. I would be happy. DH has made it clear he would be terrified!! haha.

We'll see.

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If twins were to happen, we would be happy...though scared. I'm crossing my fingers for 1 baby Smile

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I couldnt imagine having twins. My paternal grand father's father was a twin. Though, that was the last of twins on our side of the family tree. I am also hoping for one baby. I have a thing about even numbers Wink

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I have always thought it would be so cool to have twins. Being that this is our 4th baby and my youngest isn't even 1 yet, I think I would be in way over my head! I would have loved twins my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time around, and I still would...I just think I would freak out if we did this time! I don't know where we're going to put everything after this baby! Smile

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lol well no matter what happens I hope we get all healthy babies......even if its one or 2!!

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I would completely panic if I found out I'm having twins! My husband is in military training and the thought of TWO while already having a toddler to deal with is just overwhelming. I was very thankful that DS was a singleton because DH was in training then too and there's no way I could have handled twins all by myself being so far from family and friends. So y'all who would be okay with twins can keep them. Lol

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I did fertility treatments too and O'd two eggs so we know there was a decent chance. According to DH's s/a he has super sperm so that worried us more. Haha. We just decided if it was we'd consider it a major blessing and find a way to make it work. We figured with all of our struggles if it was twins it'd just be meant to be. At our 5 week 5 day u/s though it was just one. Smile I'm high risk so really that's better for us. Plus it's our first...I think we'll be exhausted enough with one.