Appts later today

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Appts later today

I hope you ladies don't mind me jumping back in!

Anyway..... I have two appointment this afternoon. The first is with my OB and the second is with my perinatologist for an U/S. At my last appt. there was a discrepancy with my due date which I though we had cleared up like 6 months age! I even remember having the nurse change my LMP to the correct date. My OB said she would look over everything and confirm the due date. I know that the MFM office has the correct date, and baby has always measured right on track. So, if she does agree that I am 35 weeks + 6 days, I will have my GBS swab and cervical check today, yippee! I mentioned on the update thread that I had HELLP syndrome with DS and they are watching my BP very closely. My OB doesn't anticipate me getting to my due date. I have been very on edge lately paying such close attention to my body for any sign of HELLP or pre-eclampsia. My DH did get me a BP cuff for here at home and that has eased my mind more than a few times!

Thanks for reading if you made it this far through my ramblings! Will update after my appts!

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Cant wait to hear how it all goes. Hoping that the HELLP stays away