arrival guestimations

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arrival guestimations

What is your gut telling you? How much longer do you think before your LO makes their arrival?

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EDD is 11/14, so I'm guessing Thanksgiving weekend. Lol Really hoping I'm wrong though!

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I really am not sure - my due date is 11/24, so i'm thinking anytime between the 15th-18th. but who knows, I keep feeling like i'll have her for Thanksgiving Smile but maybe i'll be in the hospital...

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I have a feeling that wee dude isnt going to be holding out much longer, one way or another. Between the low fluid levels, his heart rate issues the other day, let alone all the contractions and the way hes sitting, I doubt I will be going much more than 2 to 3 weeks. Also, I have been freling a lot like I did at the end with DS2, and my water broke at 36 weeks with him. With DD my h2O levels were low and the doc induced me at 36 weeks and 5 days... And she never had the d cells that wee dude had...

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I'm due 11/27... Pretty sure he won't arrive until 12/9, by induction.

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10/31 by scheduled c/s.....I'm boring, I know

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My EDD is 11/28-29 but 1) because Kostas was born on his EDD and 2) my cervix has already been changing I'm pretty sure I won't make it to my EDD. My gut says somewhere closer to 38 weeks (which is 11/15).

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I'm hoping in 2 weeks since I'm already dialating and what seems like having contractions but in my back Sad

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Not sure, so crampy lately. Scheduled section for 10/25. DH says the 17th keeps popping up in his head. We shall see.

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I'm boring too, scheduled for my c-section November 19th.

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Planning a scheduled induction at 39 weeks, so around the 16th or 19th as long as everyone at my house is well. It's what has worked well for our family and I have always had GREAT induction experiences.

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EDD is 11/27 - I'm guessing either 11/17 or 11/30. For DS1 my original EDD was 3/17 then changed to 3/21 based on size and I went into labor on 3/19 (he was born on 3/20). I just really have this feeling that he is going to come early and my OB gave me a time frame of 11/15-11/27, but if I'm proven wrong and he doesn't show up by the 17th then I doubt we'll see him until 11/30. Honestly I don't really care when he comes, as long as he's not ridiculously overdue, he'll show up when he's ready.

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I'm due 12/5 but I am guessing 12/7 for my actual delivery day. I went a few days early with DS, but I don't think I'm going early this time. I just have a feeling this little guy is going to be a little later than his EDD.

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Well, my induction is scheduled for the 23rd at 39 weeks. I'm thinking he/she may come a day or 2 before that but no sooner.

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I keep thinking he'll come anytime now with how I've been feeling! But even though I'm ready to not be so uncomfortable and be able to play with my kids again, I'm thinking he's got at least a couple more weeks in here before he's ready to have his birthday. We'll see! I keep saying if I can get through to 10/15, he can come whenever he wants after that - we have a lot going on this week/weekend Smile Not due till 11/5 (although based on what I know of my cycle, I think it's closer to 11/1 or 11/2). I'm prepping as much as I can right now, though, just in case Wink

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C-section is not scheduled yet but more than likely around 11/27. Wouldn't mind a Thankgiving day babe or around then though.

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With DD my guess was really, really close - I thought June 1st the whole time (I had a dream about it) and that's the day I went into labor. She was born early morning on the 3rd.

With this little guy, I don't know. I have had a feeling he would be early, maybe sometime around 39 weeks, but I'm starting to second-guess myself. My contractions have really slowed down. I had SO many BHs from 28 weeks to about 33 weeks, and pretty much nothing since then. It's making me nervous that he won't be early! But my OB seems to think he'll come at about the same time as DD came (midwife hasn't given an opinion), so that would be about on November 8th. Coincidentally, that's the day my MIL is flying into town. And I had a minor freak-out when DH told me about it, because I kept thinking, "He'll be born by then!"

But ultimately, there's no telling when he'll be born. I keep telling people who ask that he'll be born "sometime in the month of November, unless it's October." Wink

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Due November 8th.

I'm hoping for October 25th! No real reason, that day just sticks out on the calendar everytime I glance at it!

He'll probably come November 1st, 39 weeks seems to be key for me.

The wierd thing is, my kids birthdays all go in order - March 2, May 3, June 4, Feb 5. So November 6th would be the appropriate day, I just don't want to wait that long! I'll settle for the 1st! Wink But I'll still love him if he wants to be the oddball and come on the 25th. ha!

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Im hoping before halloween!!!
I just "knew" I'd be late with DS.. this one I feel will come on own...
Ideally this friday is my ultimate day I'd love to have ...sooo most likely that wont happen haha
If not, hopefully induced by the 27th because I just fear being in the hosp on Halloween or something!!!

I'm only 2cm dialated now and idk how much thinned out... tick tock..