Awkward Pregnancy Photos

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Awkward Pregnancy Photos

Saw this posted over in August 12. A few of those are truly strange and/or creepy!

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lol. I am hoping to get pics done this time. Had one with my first, but then never got around to it with the other 2. Gotta say, I WONT be going with any of those ideas though lol

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Those made me L O L.. haha

Some of them seem like a good "idea" haha and some are kinda funnyish like i'd laugh if my friends sent them to me, while others are just..wrong.. hahaha

Kinda funny the ones with the naked dads....Makes me think why is this so weird?? Theres a naked mom so I guess it might be weird if the dad was clothed...but its so weird that hes naked.....hahaha...

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I have to say the one about she used to be so good at hide and seek made me laugh... the rest, we're um..... Yeah. I can't even bring myself to say interesting.

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Oh wow now thats so funny!!!!!!! I def laughed out loud at some of those for sure!!