B/C after baby...

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B/C after baby...

So I know most of you are not thinking about this yet, but I am 2 weeks away from my 6 weeks check up and I DO NOT want anymor kids! I have 3 and after this whole ordeal I really think I am just done! I am thinking either the Mirena again or the Implanon... Anyone have any experience with either? I am breastfeeding so I need something that doesnt effect my supply and wont give baby too many hormones. Have you had any experience with something other than those that worked well??

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Due to some issues I have with Mirena, I won't do it which has nothing to do with breastfeeding. But I thought I read it is not for pregnant or those breastfeeding, but I could be wrong. I will get my tubes tied. GL with your decisions, it is hard!

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I know there are a few moms on my son's BB who use an IUD (all BFers). Which one depends on their individual circumstances.

Took us 3 years to conceive our son, so using an actual birth control seems odd to us. Yes, we were very surprised to find out we were pregnant with Zoe! We know we want at least one more baby after her, so I'll use FAM once my cycle is back and DH is here. Otherwise I think abstinence (deployment) will work well. Wink

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I have had mirena in the past. It was nice because it stopped my periods completely, but I could still feel the effects of the hormones (low drive, moodiness, etc.) we do not "want" anymore children either, although when we converted to Catholicism three years ago we made the commitment to follow the teachings of the church in that area (and have been blessed twice since Smile ). We will use NFP + an ovulation monitor.

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Ugh, I hate birth control. We are done after this one and I'm trying to convince DH to get a vasectomy, but he is being difficult about it. I think he's not *quite* ready to call it quits on the baby front even though I am. He's also not fond of the idea of having that area operated on (can't blame him). In the meantime I will use the mini pill while BFing until my cycle starts again. Then we'll probably use condoms and FAM to avoid a pregnancy. I've never had an oops with any method, so hopefully (now that I'm ready to be done) it won't happen! I am prepared to have a tubal down the line if DH is too stubborn. I don't enjoy the hormones (and added Rx cost) of the pill and other methods. Good luck with your decision!

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My SIL has the Merana and loves it. This is her second one, she had it removed when they decided to try for their son and just had it put back in a little while ago. I don't know if she BF'd on it though.

We are 100% sure we're done and since I am having a repeat c-section I am having a tubal at the same time.

Good luck with your decision!

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I'm kind of scared of an IUD after some experiences my friends have had- I'll prob do the mini pill/ov watch while BF'ing- then switch to a different kind of pill- something that keeps my skin clear hopefully- when Im off the pill my skin seems to go crazy.

I really want something that will really balance the hormones bcuz I know I get so moody and depressed and b*tchy haha.

Kevs really set on not having another- Im kind of torn. It took a year TTC for this one, but our first was a complete "suprise" so I know it's not impossible to have an oops.

A friend has implenol and hasnt complained about it except saying it made her gain a lot of weight- 20lbs in like 3 months- BUT I see what that girl eats so im not really convinced its the BC Smile

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Read a really long book on the processes (temping/ charting which I was already familiar with/ following rules of engagement) due to husband's decision in the birth control in the Catholicism arena and was blessed (shocked) with this child as a result who I could not imagine losing at ths point. Will be tying tubes either right away or waiting about a year, can not afford the chance in many ways.

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I don't know what we'll do this time around. After both boys, we didn't use anything, and I was fine after DS1. After DS2, we had a surprise while I was still BF'ing that ended in an early MC, and then we had no trouble with this little guy. I seem to be getting more and more fertile! Wink So, I will be talking to my doctors about my options. I was thinking an IUD to stay away from the hormones while BF'ing, but want to know more about that option. I'm not sure if we are 100% done or not, so I don't think we are ready to do something permanent yet, but we'll see after he's here what seems right!!

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DH will get a vasectomy whenever I say I'm ready. LOL! He's way more than willing. I however, am not ready for that. I'll probably just use BFing at first, then get a nonhormal IUD afterwards until we are for sure ready for a vasectomy. I'm sort of torn when thinking about being done, but DH is older than me, and he really wants to be done, and financially speaking we should be done.

This pg was an oops, I was actually using OPKs to avoid, and still got pg, so that method of avoiding problably wont work for us. But I didnt get af back until 15 months pp, so I think I'll get an IUD at around 6 months PP when solids are introduced, or if I happen to get af earlier, which I doubt.

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We've never used any BC except NFP, and never really intended to. We've been married almost six years and just these two babies, so on the surface it seems like our 'method' works well for spacing babies. However, I just had surgery for endometriosis last November (this baby is due just a few days before my surgery date, so almost exactly one year later) and that almost certainly makes me much more fertile. It actually makes me nervous, because I got pretty sick after DD was born with what my doctor said sounded like Rheumatoid Arthritis. But aside from a slightly raised rheumatoid factor, all my blood work came back great and after a while the symptoms went away on their own.

However just a few months ago my mom was diagnosed with RA and she's super sick with it. Sad She can't open anything by herself anymore, it seems, and she's in so much pain and so exhausted all the time. Anyway, it made me think back to that episode after DD and wonder if I could have early stage RA, too. My mom has had mild symptoms for years, but her doctors always brushed it off as 'regular' arthritis. Anyway, my mom's doctor told me that if I have the same symptoms again, I need to see a rheumatologist ASAP.

The problem with that is that pretty much every RA drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Most of them are pregnancy category X kind of drugs. So potentially, DH and I have some serious questions to think about. We definitely want at least one more child, but how much do we want to play with my health in order for that to happen? Because once we decide to use the drugs, we probably have to decide we're done with kids for good. Sad

Of course, at this point this is all speculation. We'll have to see how I feel after the baby comes. But there is a genetic component to RA, so it's something we need to be watching out for just in case.

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After DS1 i had the mirana (you can breast feed and not have it effect supply). For me it caused me to bleed all the time. Not huge amounts, just enough to need a pad so my undies didnt turn pink, but it was annoying. Ive had several friends that have them and love them. So does my sister.

After DS2 i started charting after I thought my cycle hadreturned when he was about 7 months. It wasnt my usual heavy one, so I wasnt sure if it was a period or break through. According to my charting I never ovulated... And my bleeding was never my normal, and was over 38 days apart. Well, obviously I did ovulate at sone point, and it never showed in charting, becauae here DD is lol. After DD i went on the mini pill, and dudnt get a period till I weaned her at a year.

DH is adament that he is done this time, and informed me that he is scheduling his Vas after the baby is born and hoping to get it done before my 6 week check up. So, we will see lol

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Harmony, that's a lot to think about and consider. ((hugs))

Mona, my husband jokes that he'll cut me off with kids by getting a vasectomy. Blum 3 I keep saying "next baby," and DH gets a bit wide eyed but admits that he's not ready to cut off his fertility yet. And the man refuses to use condoms and knows I'm not going to do anything beyond some basic FAM, so I assume at some point I'll have #3. After that it'll be a wait and see approach. Part of me wants a big family (like 5 or 6 kids!). Another part of me can't imagine PCSing (military move) around the world with a huge family and all the issues that creates. And especially deployments where it's just me and the kids...oy.

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

Harmony, that's a lot to think about and consider. ((hugs))

It's all very theoretical right now. The odds of having RA with a first-degree relative with the disease is about 0.8%, which is really low. So I'm not worried about it, just being my usual self and trying to be prepared for everything possible outcome ahead of time. Wink

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After the whole thing with Sammy I was pretty much told we shouldn't try for a 3rd and I am coming to terms with that. I don't think I could go through the NICU, etc again for a 3rd time.

My ob suggested Mirena but it seems like more people I know had issues with it.

So I talked to the OB who saw me till i was 13 weeks and I am going to get Aidon(sp?) I need to look up the spelling. I am having it done on the 24th.

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I had the Copper IUD for nearly six years. (It last for ten). I loved it. No hormones, no remembering the meds, plus we were broke for quite a long time I didn't have to worry about another bill or accidentally getting pregnant. My doctor left enough of the string on that I could check on it from time to time (my sister has no string to check on her mirena the doc trimmed it off). So I was sure it was in there. My SIL had the mirena placed after her third child and somehow managed to expel it without noticing and got pregnant again. I think if she had been checking on it it wouldn't have been an issue.

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I had the Copper IUD after Kostas and I didn't have any problems with it per se and would consider it again but it didn't "stick" and started to expel. So after that we just used NFP and spermicidal films during my fertile periods. It worked really well for 3 years so I plan to do it again. Once we are done having kids I definitely plan on DH getting the big V versus me doing something. But we are like 2-3 kids and 10 years away from that point so I am not worrying about it too much yet.

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I had the Mirena for awhile, and LOVED it! After about 3 months I stopped getting periods altogether, and never had any hormonal issues. However we won't be using anything after this baby. We plan to get pregnant about a year after having this baby, so I don't really want to deal with hormonal bc just to get off of it right away again. If I get pregnant sooner...then so be it. The exception to that will be if I get PPD again, we will for sure get on some form of bc. Definitely don't want to be pregnant dealing with PPD.

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I'm still debating on tying my tubes, getting the mirena, or going back to depo pro for a few years before I'll probably have to have a full on hysterectomy.

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