Baby #6 is here and it's a.....

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Baby #6 is here and it's a.....


[SIZE=2]I'm still in shock! Amaris Piper arrived after a quick labor and one push! She weighed 8lbs and 15 oz and is 19.5 inches long. I checked into the hospital at midnight and was already contracting on my own abut every 4 minutes. I was 3 at 1:45am and a 4 at 6:00am. They started pitocin at about 6:15 and by the time doc broke my water at 8:00, I was 5-6. Got the epidural at about 8:45 and by 9:20 I was 8. Epi worked great although I could tell the contractions were getting bad b/c I started to feel slight cramping. Nurse noticed baby's heart rate had dipped a little and checked me at about 9:50. I was complete and at zero station. She called my doc who rushed over (her office is right next to the hospital). She came in, got her gear on and they broke down the table. The nurse said "don't cough or laugh too hard!". I pushed once and Amaris was born at 10:06 am. I'm still amazed at how fast it went and that I have a daughter!! I was convinced it was a boy. Her daddy and brothers are in love (esp my 4 year old who was convinced the whole time it was a girl). She is beautiful and perfect Smile I'm feeling good just sore. I tore just a little I think b/c she came out so fast. She has a full head of hair that's dark with blonde tips. She looks like she got her hair frosted!

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Congratulations!!! :party:

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Aw congratulations - she's adorable!!

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Yay yay yay!!!!! She is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!! Welcome to the world Amaris!!!! I LOVE her name. She is going to be one protected little princess Smile

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Just lurking but I wanted to say congrats on your little girl! After 5 boys I thought it was soo amazing that you waited to find out the gender! She is soo cute Smile

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congratulations! she is so cute!

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she is so cute!! Congratulations!!!! Odds is after 6, 1 should be a girl right?? Wink Congrats!

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Congrats on your little princess! She's adorable and I love her name!

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So happy for you! You finally have your little girl! Congrats and WTTW Amaris!!!

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Omgggg look at her dimples!!!!! Shes perfect!!! Congratssss!!!

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I'm totally in love with her dimples!!! Congrats! I'm happy to hear that things went fast and fantastic for you. And a girl to boot! Yahoo

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So very happy for you and your family!! Love her name and her sweet little dimples, too. Smile

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So so sooooo happy for you!!!!! She is beautiful! congrats on your BABY GIRL!!!!!!!

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Congrats on your sweet girl!! WTTW Amaris!!

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YAY!! I just knew it was going to be a girl!! Congrats!!!! She is gorgeous!!

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Congratulations what a cutie!

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Congratulations! She is adorable!

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She is so precious! WTTW Amaris! I love her name. Congratulations on your little GIRL!!

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Ahhh!!! A beautiful little GIRL! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
i had a feeling it was a girl Smile

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OMG sooo cute!! Congrats!!!

I do though pity the boys she dates when she's older Wink

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Yay!!! And I too love the name you decided to go with. Smile She is absolutely beautiful!

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I am so late with this! But congrats! She is so beautiful and what a beautiful name to go along with her! YAY!!!!

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*lurker from March 08*

Congratulations on your sweet baby girl Belinda! She's such a lucky girl to have 5 big brothers! I bet you're just over the moon!

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Congratulations Belinda. She's absolutely perfect as is her name. Though five older brothers... heaven help her as she gets older.

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:lurk: Congratulations! Double congrats on your little one being a girl!! I can only imagine how surprised you were. Biggrin

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Congratulations on a beautiful little girl! I LOVE her dimples!

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She's so beautiful, Belinda Biggrin Huge congratulations!!!!

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I'm totally late too, but CON-FLIPPIN-GRATS!!! Omg Belinda, I can't believe it's a little girl either. Must be all that pink dust we were sprinkling you with in the beginning. Wink I agree with the PP, her dimples are so cute too. Did you go on a girly shopping spree yet?

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Congrats Belinda! I'm so happy for you and your family! I'm especially happy for sweet Amaris. She's going to love being the little sister to all those boys (speaking from experience!).

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Thanks everyone! It still feels weird buying pink things. I ordered a bunch of hairbows and headbands the day after we got home from the hospital Smile We went yesterday and bought a princess growth chart, a pink basket for her hairbows, and wood letters of her name for the wall Smile