Baby Dreams

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Baby Dreams

I finally had my first baby dream last night! I was at my u/s and the tech just jumped right on and showed us the gender immediately-girl. I started crying because I was so disappointed that she showed us when we wanted a surprise. I was happy that it was a girl, but so upset because I wanted to keep it a surprise for DH and just felt guilty that we found out when he didn't want to know. LOL So I will make sure to tell the tech we don't want to know before the wand touches me when I go in! Smile

What baby dreams have you had?

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Awww that's sweet you were having a girl even though the tech totally ruined the surprise. I have not had any baby dreams yet. I wish I would have one! I only had one when I was pregnant with DS and we were at some little store buying an ant farm and in the dream he was like 3 years old. I had this deam even before I knew he was a boy. He had blonde hair in the dream just like he does now. Kind of funny that the dream actually turned out to be kind of true since he was a boy with blonde hair. Plus he's always hitting me up for toys when we go shopping...