Baby dreams (got this idea off the Oct. 2012 board)

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Baby dreams (got this idea off the Oct. 2012 board)

I posted this on the other board too, but wanted to also share it here. Please share your dreams as well Smile

I had my first baby dream last night. I was worried because I usually start having them before I even find out that I'm pregnant. I loved it, and so didnt want to wake up. It was definitely weird. I was about 35 weeks. I was wondering around this weird town that I had never been to before. All of a sudden I was in the hospital, in a gown. I was talking to this doctor (again, never seen him before) and he was holding the baby, a girl, looking her over. He was saying that she was healthy and safe to have... they were going to put her back inside of me to have whenever she was ready to come out. I then asked the doc if we could just keep her out since she was healthy, plus, her umbilical cord had already come off (she had a belly button already), so I was afraid that she would have problems if she went back in. They said yes, so I carried her back into my room, where I had a chair set up with pillows, and sat and held her as people came to visit. I didnt want to wake up, I just wanted to keep holding her

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Interesting dream!

The only weird one I've had this time is a dream about my little sister being pregnant. Mind you she's still in high school. For two days I fought the urge to call her and ask her if she was pregnant. Pretty sure she would have been insulted. Blum 3

Last pregnancy I had a dream that I was able to unzip my stomach and pull out my baby temporarily. So in the dream I was checking out different strollers and I'd pull out my baby to put in the stroller to see if he liked that one or not. lol

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Ugh, pregnancy dreams are wild.

Both of my miscarriages came after vivid, scary dreams of bear attacks. Lots of blood and gore. Sad

With Pearl, I had this dream early on that she would be born on June 1. I was due June 7, so that wasn't that far off. But for the whole pregnancy I had it in my mind that she would be born on the first. I did end up going into labor on June 1, but she wasn't born until the 3rd.

No notable dreams so far this time. Smile

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I've been having dreams about cute babies with Down syndrome. I've had dreams about DS with my 3rd & 4th pregnancies and it keeps happening with this pg as well. I have an aunt & uncle (they are married) with DS so it's something that's near and dear to my heart. My uncle is getting really old, he is almost 60 and I am afraid we will lose him soon, I think that's why I've been having dreams about it .I just love those two and I can't imagine my world without them in it!

That's pretty much it for dreams, I'm not a big dreamer - pregnant or not!

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Another dream last night:
Im living in a midevil type time/hunger game type gated kingdom. I am married to the king (some guy I've never actually met) and because of all threats of over throw, I escape when I find out I'm pregnant... to protect the baby. I am living out in the woods, and go into labor. The old woman I am with tells me there is no way I can get the baby out on my own, and so I have to sneak back into the fence to get the help I need. I some how get into the castle, into a cellar, and this man (supposed to be my father) finds me. He sneaks in a dr. who has to manually turn the baby (I watch this part... not actually experience it). Just after I deliver, a girl, my father brings in my husband. He hadnt known that I was pregnant. I apologized, but told him I had to get back out of the city to protect her. Of course he doesnt want me too...but, when he leaves, my father helps me escape. I find a little town in the woods and collapse... I am being hunted so the woman who finds me hides me in her locked pantry. From there its me trying to get away, and finding an old abandoned house to live in. I woke up as "my husband" finds me, though isnt mad. My dream jumped around a lot, but I think I remembered most of it.

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I've had pregnancy weird dreams but so far none about the baby. I only recall one with Ds and I just remember George Clooney and I were trying to catch Hugh Grant and force him to pay back child support but not for us cause he wasn't my babies dad, that was Patrick Dempsey.

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What an epic Kier dream! Very cool!

I had a crazy dream last night ( not baby related though...) that it was Christmas and all my family are at this lodge and my cousin ( who I'm not overly close with) bursts into our room and announces that he is going to show us how to use the monkey bars, the rest of the dream involves my husband and I playing on the adult sized monkey bars with my cousin. weird!