Baby frighteningly chokes on thin air! Scary...

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Baby frighteningly chokes on thin air! Scary...

Yesterday and today Kyla just randomly started choking. Both times were NOT around feedings - so i'm assuming she began choking on her saliva? but it was so scary bc she really couldn't catch her breath, and she kept trying to cough it out to - it actually took about a minute before she seemed "ok"... yesterday she recovered from it quicker than today --today it really scared her, i could tell.. she even started crying afterwards...

if she just got a little choked up on her saliva and i was able to help her, thats ok - i understand it could be a natural part of her learning how to swallow, but what concerns me is... what if this happens while she is asleep in her crib? she has been sleeping in her crib so good lately and now i'm afraid...
anyone have any advice or similar situations? i'm almost positive this won't happen while she sleeps - both times it happened she was awake and active.
i don't want to make her sleep in another place other than her crib because she's been in it for the past 3 nights and i'm afraid of disrupting her routine and consistancy - i don't want to confuse her. plus she loves her crib.

on the topic of learning how to swallow - what is the normal to begin them on food? i've heard a couple things, but is it 4 or 6 months? my pediatrician is saying 4 months but then i heard somewhere waiting until 6 months is for the best...

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Gideon does this at times and he pretty much sleeps through the night in his crib. It used to scare me but he is fine I think its just all the saliva from teething.

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Are you sure she's choking on saliva and it's not just that she can't catch her breath? Both my kids were really bad about even the slightest breeze, gust from a fan, or even me or DH blowing on their faces would cause them to kind of choke and gasp, even to this day DS1 (who is 6) has a problem with this. Some kids are just more sensitive to those things. If it's saliva it could be like Tiffany said, overproduction of saliva from teething that she's choking on - which I wouldn't worry too much about while she's sleeping since it's often aggravated/increased by putting hands and such in their mouths.

As far as solids go I know we'll be EBF for the full 6 months. A lot of pediatricians recommend starting your baby on cereal 1x a day at 4 months but with DS1 I just went with whenever he seemed "ready" (good head control, sits well when supported, takes an interest in food - i.e. he would literally reach for what I was eating) and we started him on cereal at 5 months and other baby food at around 8 months. Just go with your gut, if she seems ready go for it and if it doesn't work you can always cut back!