Baby Shower

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Baby Shower

CANNOT BELIEVE my Baby Shower is tomorrow already! I hope I can sleep tonight!

Is anyone else having a baby shower and if so when (or is it a surprise?)
I asked that my baby shower not be kept a surprise, it's hard enough for me to make myself look presentable these days, I wanted to know ahead of time so I was absolutely SURE I did my hair and make up. I made DH tell me when my Bridal Shower was so I showed up with make up on and all anyway, but it was a struggle, lol - I didn't think the baby shower needed to be a surprise...
So my Mother and sister have only told me the day and what time to be there (DH will be taking me), so I don't know where it is or any other details.

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Have fun! Be sure and tell us how it went. Smile

No shower for me this time. Don't need anything (bought mostly GN with DS) and I live far from from everyone we know except my SIL (she's an hour away).

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How exciting! I hope you get lots and lots of things you need!

I'm not having a shower this time, but a friend at church is throwing all the ladies who are having babies in November (there are 3 of us! In a congregation of 120 people, including children!) what she is calling a "sprinkle". No gifts, just a fun get-together luncheon to celebrate the babies. Since the other two moms are having their third babies and I'm having my second, I think we're all really flattered that they're doing this for us. It was completely unexpected. Smile That will be a week from tomorrow.

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That's exciting! Can't wait to hear how it went. Smile No shower for me, being my 4th and all.

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That sounds like fun Harmony! I wouldn't mind something like that if I was near people. Smile

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Im jealous. I only got one for each side, mine and DH's, with my 1st. My sister had a shower with her first, then a sprinkle with her 2nd.

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Have fun tomorrow!!

No shower for me. I had a bunch of friends offer to throw me one, but I feel awkward about it, being my 5th and all!! Plus I'm not a big fan of being the center of attention

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That is so sweet of them Harmony, i love the idea! Smile

argyle - i don't really love being center of attention either, it's hard, i had a little anxiety last night over this and i keep telling DH "don't leave until we've said hi to everyone TOGETHER!!!" ... When my mom told me to go around and mingle at my bridal shower last September i nearly had a panic attack - I guess i have a little social anxiety, but at least then i was able to have a glass of wine! The thing i have the hardest time with is opening the gifts... saying who they're from and what they are because i am so shy, i have a hard time projecting my voice, but my husband keeps telling me 'everyone is so excited and so happy, it's not something to be scared about', so i'll keep that in mind... i don't know how financially we would do this without everyone's help from the shower, so I feel overwhelmed even at all that so many people have shopped off my registry (i peak, i can't help it!) lol...

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Aww thats so cute how excited you are!! I have really bad shower anxiety. I agreed and had one for this LO- everyone said since it was a dif gender i "had to have one". The nice part is that 4 years have went by since I had my son- so most of the people coming are different from last time- I feel soooo guilty having ppl buy me stuff and HATE being center of attention
If this baby wasnt due during flu season I'd love to have one of those "after baby showers" so the attention would be on the baby.
BUTTTTT I dont really want a house full of ppl touching my baby in November haha.

my shower was last weekend- it actually went really really well, It was awkward (in my oppinion) especially when I came into the living room and everyone was sitting staring at eachother. and i HATE the gift opening- And this time especially it was really awkward bcuz i had to sit in the middle of the room and I never know the "proper" way to ooh and aww about the gifts and show people. hahah.

We had it @ my house- and it was kind of motivating to make me really deep clean the house before everyone came and get it ready for the baby and try to finish the nursery! Almost everyone showed up that I invited- my sister and a friend had to work- so that was kind of suprising- I feel like for any event only half the ppl who rsvp actually showed- so I had like 14 people I think crammed into my livingroom-

Tomorrow I'm going to go get flowers for my friend who through it- she brought decorations and games and food and even left her marriage retreat at the beach early to have time to set up- so it really meant a lot to me!!!

Sorry for rambling!!

OH PS. Im bad and took back some stuff that one friend got me from target and got like 120 dollars of store credit- WOOHOO!!!!! then used my 10% off registry coupon to buy stuff I needed hehe

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A friend of mine told me she wanted to throw me a shower but it will be after the baby is born since we don;t know the sex. We don't need much. Just perishables like diapers and wipes and such. If it's a girl, I have no clothes. If it's a boy, I still need some things because DS4 &5 were spring babies. Mostly I'm just looking forward to having people together to celebrate the new baby Smile I was starting to think he/she wouldn't happen so I'm just excited to show him/her off Smile